Insiders - Questions about a few defensive players . . .

. . . that I don’t remember hearing much about. It’s quite possible something has been said/written and I just missed it, even as much following as I try to do. But comments/updates on the status and progress of these players appreciated.

Note that I’m NOT trying to drag anyone into the limelight for flogging or criticism. And I’m aware that most of these guys are either redshirt or even true freshmen/sophomores. Again - I’m just curious as to their status/progress/challenges. They are all players who were recruited with some degree of anticipation. And, I should note, there’s still a lot of time for “the light to come on” for them.


[color=#0000FF]Kyrei Fisher[/color] (True Soph) - LB from Oklahoma who chose Hogs over Texas and Michigan State

[color=#0000FF]Giovanni LaFrance[/color] (RS Soph) - Another LB, this one from New Orleans. Top 25 player in the state. Picked Hogs over Louisville, Oklahoma State, Arizona State and Texas Tech.

[color=#0000FF]David Porter[/color] (RS Fr) - DE from Little Rock, rated top DE in state and a top 10 player in Arkansas. Had offers from Baylor, Texas, Rutgers, Tulsa.

[color=#0000FF]Deon Edwards[/color] (FS Soph) - Safety/LB “tweener” from Florida; played special teams last year. Chose Razorbacks over S. Carolina, N. Carolina St, Mizzou, S. Florida and Louisville.

Also would like to add to that list Montaric Brown. I am surprised at the lack of impact he seems to be having in his second year.

Moved to CB to provide depth, he will play as a backup and probably will play in nickel and dime situations IMO. Remember he showed up after the start of camp last year too small, and probably not college strong. He will make his presence known soon IMO.

For the most part this list will be special teams players.

We need to continue recruiting better talent to compete week in and week out.

Meh, this wasn’t G5 teams we beat out for these players, they will definitely be on teams this year, and they will play meaningful snaps except maybe Porter. Porter is/was a prospect without a position, he will grow and get stronger IMO and become a good DE in a couple years.

Bumped for insider input/response . . .

I don’t anticipate much this season from the first three you mention, other than as special teams players. Edwards is the backup strongside linebacker to Hayden Henry, so depending on the matchup it would not be surprising for him to see the field some.

Porter was moved from defensive end to defensive tackle. He probably needs another year in the weight room and to add about 15 pounds before he is a contributor there.

Nope… Fisher and LaFrance nowhere to be found on the depth chart and already passed up by younger players. Edwards passed by a younger player. If these guys are playing a lot it’s not good.

I don’t see these guys playing a lot. Bumper Pool, Grant Morgan, Dee Walker and Hayden Henry are ahead of those linebackers you mentioned at the two inside slots.

The strong side slot is listed as a position, but it’s really where the nickel plays. I bet you see almost all nickel.

D’Vone McClure, Derrick Munson and Nate Dalton are the nickel guys. Joe Foucha may end up in nickel and dime, too.

Montaric will play some and is going to be a good SEC corner. Has the needed speed.

Speed is the missing ingredient for some of the inside linebackers mentioned in the original post.

This entire year has been geared to getting the defense sleeker and faster. LaFrance has been mentioned as making a bit of a jump but those others have just outplayed him.