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Why is Bonehoffer the transfer from OU not playing for us in the outfield? Gregory is having a bad end of the year at the plate, so is Bo injured? Gregory batted .180 ish in the regionals. Need a better stick in the lineup.


Bohrofen has been slowed by injury. Ran into the outfield wall at Baum during practice and messed up his shoulder. He was sidelined for a while then tried to come back.

Bohfron missed 6 weeks then was not the same when he came back.

His play late in Sunday’s game notwithstanding, Gregory has been a pretty good defender this year. That and his ability to draw walks/get hit by pitches is why he plays.

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As I recall, Gregory’s on base percentage was among the highest on the team despite the tepid batting average of late. The paraphrase Billy Beane said in Moneyball, I don’t care how you get on base, just get on base.

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In Gregory’s last 44 at bats, he has struck out 23 times and hitting under .125… Bohfron must be in really bad shape.

During that same time he has walked eight times and been hit by nine pitches, which raises his on-base percentage to .361.

He leads the team in on-base percentage (.443) and is tied with Jalen Battles for fifth with an .851 OPS. Add in the defense and it’s not hard to see why he plays.


He saved our butt in the second inning robbing the pokes of an extra base hit. He’s stellar in the field in my book.

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He made two fine catches in Stillwater — the jumping catch that kept the ball from going to the wall on Monday and a catch against the wall Sunday.

I agree. Those were fine plays. But neither of them were spectacular. Most any left fielder at that level should have made both of those plays.

Gregory has rarely made a defensive play that you would describe as “a play very few could make”. Thus, he’s a solid outfielder, but not an elite defender.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I think Gregory has done a fine job in LF. But his offensive struggles justify the question about other options in LF.


Concur. Our outfielder depth must really be hurting to not allow others a shot.
UA…Campus of Champions

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One thing Gregory did early in the series was argue too much on balls and strikes. To the point he could have been tossed. I think that hurts his future balls and strikes calls with the ump. Just human nature. I noticed the piped down after that mess. I’d imagine he was “encouraged” to do so.


Good observation. Often, the more frustrated a hitter is, the more he argues. Watching him in Hoover, Gregory certainly seemed frustrated after a few at bats.

Gregory is certainly patient at the plate. Sometimes too patient. He does, generally, have a good eye, but I have always thought when you have 2 strikes and get a borderline call, you’d better swing at the next borderline pitch, because you aren’t likely to get the call twice. He stuck out looking on Monday doing exactly that.

Others have had a shot for 60 games now. I don’t think anyone is going to suddenly emerge.

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Borefen had a shot when Stovall got hurt. Looks like Dave has decided that Gregory’s OBP (.433) and OPS (.851) plus his defense gives the team a better chance to win than his other options. Again, you don’t care how someone gets on base as long as they do. That’s especially true in the 9 hole.

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Yep. Gregory walks or gets plunked, Webb and Slavens can drive him home. A curve to the elbow works just as well as a sharp single.

Bohrofen is hitting even less than Gregory (.228), and his OBP is 116 points lower. That’s about one extra baserunner every two games when Gregory is in the lineup. And Diggs flamed out pretty quickly after that flash of power. Those are pretty much our outfield options.

"In DVH we trust ! " :sunglasses:

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And most of those strikeouts were by watching the pretty pitch hit the catchers mit, then speaking to the ump about how pretty it was. In clutch situations I hate this!

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Do you expect him back, was he on Regional roster?

Again, he gets on base 44 percent of the time, best in the team.