Insiders, question....

Do any of you all have an issue with DJ Williams describing what he saw with Pulley and Curl and questioning Morris about it publicly in the post game press conference? In other words, do you think he blindsided Coach Morris somewhat in the name of trying to gained a little bit of notoriety?

On the one hand it was a little bit refreshing. We rarely see tough questioning like that posed to Arkansas coaches from Arkansas media members.

At the same time, however, DJ is a former player who is probably disgusted about the caliber of football he sees. I don’t know whether what he did in the press conference was mostly a mad reaction, or an honest effort as a media member to try and gain information about what he saw with Pulley and Curl.

Combination of both?

I like DJ and how he reports for the Hogs. He is very critical of players performance & he should be. But he does advertise a lot of it on Twitter & I guess other social media sites. Tough questions to the coach is one thing, not sure about one of our own showing the world when we stink.

I disagree with your on the first hand. Our media don’t make fools of themselves in press conferences like you might see on the news, but every time I’ve had a burning question of one of our coaches, I’ve either heard it asked in a PC, or I’ve seen it asked on this board, then subsequently asked in a PC. Even when it is a tough question like CCM not traveling with the team. They asked, we got an answer.
Not just football either. Baseball and basketball coaches get asked tough questions as well. It’s just that usually those PC videos aren’t widely watched and plastered all over social media like this one incident has been

Saw that he flew in to Tupelo late after going to see his son play Friday night. Still think not traveling with the team for away games is the wrong decision to make and when you go 2-10 everything - and I mean everything - is open to criticism and second guessing.

I think D.J. is trying to walk a fine line. He wants to be a media member; he wants to remain loyal to the football program; and he wants to help the players. … 5628532741

On their own, none of these things is bad, but when you put the three together, he will find himself in a conflict of interest as you can see in that tweet.

I regret bringing that up now. It’s such an ugly debate and there is enough of that here now already. It’s not beyond questioning, but it’s not why the team sucks, and again, it brought out some ugly in everyone on here.

Thank you for posting DJ’s comments on Twitter. Must have been a very bad look if he’s refusing to release the pictures, but appreciate him not sensationalizing the situation further… tells me a lot about him.

Also, appreciate him asking the question. When you are 2-9 and get your butt kicked up between your shoulder blades by 46 points EVERYTHING should be scrutinized.

This is not a question for me. It’s a question for DJ.

No, Clay, it was a question for you and others. You know that. And while the lack of an answer is fine, and I understand it, I can read the subtext here. Understood.

Given Clay printed the player’s names in his postgame column I assume he doesn’t have a problem with it.

I guess the question I would have is… Where were the coaches when this happened?? did they walk onto the field by themselves??never seen that happen before,no players should be on the field before the game without a coach being near by…makes no sense.

I confirmed it several places. It had been mentioned in the presser although no names were mentioned. Given the fact that hundreds had seen it and the head coach commented, plus players had been asked about it, it was time to write about it. DJ did show the picture to many in the media room. I figured Bob Holt and others were going to write about it. I knew it was a news story at that point.

I am positive those players would have been disciplined even if it had not come out in the presser based on who saw it. It was not something only DJ saw and some in the official UA party were aware of it after the game before the media conference.

Yes. Players and coaches were on the field, went in and these two came back out.

Pretty much means they planned it & it wasn’t some spontaneous action by being in the area.

I generally like Morris. But I guess that is my one concern about him. Is he enough of a hard ass? I get the family atmosphere he wants to foster and tout for recruiting, but my experience is that the only way to get 18-22 year old boys to do exactly what you want is to instill fear. These two had no fear of reprisal. What does that say about our coach and his philosophy? I have been a pretty big supporter of CCM, but I will admit it is starting to erode a bit. My past “blame it all on Bielema” is also starting to erode some.

I have no problem with what DJ did and no problem with what CM did. Admittedly, I’m old school. The two players involved hopefully will apologize to their teammates or they shouldn’t play again. They did a stupid, irresponsible thing and should realize that fact.

If they had no fear of reprisal they’re stupid. Because a reprisal is exactly what they’ve gotten.

I have seen him go Petrino a couple of times and know that he has dressed down some players.

He’s also snapped at his assistant coaches.

I think you first inclinations were closer to the truth.

There is a “trust” between coaches and players, otherwise, you’d be watching them like your 3 year old grandson. In this case, the players abused that trust. If any of the coaches knew about it and didn’t say anything, then that is on them–they lack standards or don’t know what the standard is. When Coach Morris disciplined Nate Dalton after his hit on the Tulsa punt returner, I knew we had a coach who wouldn’t hesitate to take action when needed.

When you say “go Petrino”, do you mean full scale F bombing going off?