Insiders- Q on staff and facilities

Do you guys have any knowledge of what the new staff has planned for future facilities, or improvements to be made. I know we have great facilities, but we desperately need something else to make us stand out. Do they have that something in mind and have you guys caught wind of it?

I’d love to hear what they are thinking, because I’m sure they have some plans to spice it up and make it have an added dimension.

Once the stadium is finished, I don’t see anything on the horizon for football.

I don’t think there are pressing needs for football. I think Morris and staff like what they see. Whether or not he likes natural turf of artificial surfaces, I’m not sure.

Lake Travis has plastic grass. So does SMU. Clemson has the real stuff. Plastic grass might be slightly better for his style of play, but I think he can make it work whichever way is required.

We now have (or, will, when the present update is complete) football facilities on a level with most anyone in the country. Oh, a few (Texas comes to mind, with their new lockers) may have more spacious dressing spaces in their locker rooms; some have stadiums that seat more people (but, often, not nearly as many luxury suites - so the appearance from the field is not that much different). But if you were to do a point-by-point score of football facilities (size of stadium, number of luxury boxes, club amenities for premium suite holders, big screens, appearance of stadium (natural setting, etc.), Locker rooms, Football Operations Building, Weight Room, Academic/Athlete Success Center, etc, I believe we’d rank in the top 10 in the country. I’m not necessarily talking about ‘game day environment’; at least, today. But just from a facilities background.

So, we can no longer use that as an excuse. Certainly, there will be “tweaks” to keep up with others, from time to time. But we don’t need anything else and probably won’t for some time, until and unless we start winning at a much higher level than we have been recently. If and when THAT happens, there won’t be much resistance to doing whatever may NEED to be done, at that time.

Retractable roof with a giant Razorback on top that can be seen from space.

I guess my initial point to the question, was what are the plans to make us stand out.

Now a days everyone has nice facilities. So I feel like we have to begin to develop something that makes us standout in a unique way. If Alabama and so and so have the same or nicer facilities plus a guarantee of a national championship, it’s pretty hard to compete with that ever.

Hopefully Chad will start winning games and then we have that added dimension to offer to recruits, because right now I bet selling a recruit on our school compared to others is like selling bibles to an atheist. That’s why I think they did a fine job with this recruiting class.

the glitz of the Oregon locker room is still mighty impressive first look, don’t know why a kid would care about luxury boxes?? I am willing to listen and learn. The stadium color scheme is pretty much awful, will look better full of fans, but cruising through on a recruiting visit it seems to look more aged than it’s true age from photos. Patient appears older than stated age is not reassuring to those of us getting ready to assess. Cost to paint? I got the chairback argument and know that is not happening. Ditto retractable roof although a Slobbering Hog visible from above would be legendary.

Maybe into music to rival Va Tech would be a welcome distraction and maybe attention getter. Morris seems on surface to be more amenable to that than our prior HC’s. How would Morris pull that off? Unknown, or even if he would. Va Tech has plenty of You Tube blessing for their intro.

Get the busses ready to bus the team from one end of the stadium to the other, ala Clemson.

I’m trying to imagine getting people/cars off Razorback Road (or Stadium Drive) long enough to run those buses 10 minutes before the game. Plus we don’t have a grassy slope or a rock to rub. We’ve come in from the north for 40 plus years, the new game day LR is in the north, so I doubt that will happen

I agree with you, all things equal (facilities) something not yet done or thought of to give us an edge. Always staying ahead, instead of catching up. Set the bar.

I think the part that will provide the biggest boost is winning. Best recruiting tool is the assistant coaches who will make an impact. I believe what Chad Morris wants more than anything are enough workers in the offices to turn every stone in evaluation. He got about 7-8 more workers than Bielema had in recruiting. He knows what is needed. Facilities are more than good. I love the academic end of facilities. It is beyond good enough.

Coach em up. Build relationships, not brick stuff.

Yeah, I know it’s not going to happen. But that is one fantastic sight in Clemson.

Agree, but for my money (what little I have left) the best entry in CFB is Virginia Tech to Enter Sandman. Puts Wisconsin’s Jump Around to shame.


How about Justin Moore’s song about kicking something and jacking jaws?

Agree concerning Va. Tech v. Wisconsin. Wish ESPN would give more time to the pagentry of college football. Lots of great entrances never seen.