Insiders - personnel questions

I know you guys don’t see practice like you used to (boy, it was so fun when Clay would report on radio from practice). But, you guys all hear rumors, if there are any, and attend every interview. So, here goes:

  1. Its been mentioned on this site that moving Ledbetter back to end might be a possibility. I personally would love to see Led move to Tevin’s spot, and Sosa move int Led’s spot. The d-line has underperformed. Might as well give Sosa a shot. And get Led back to where he made plays last year.
  2. Is Zach gonna possibly see some time at RG? We certainly need some run blocking pop. I infer from comments made Zach is a strong run blocker, but his short stature and short arms make pass blocking difficult. I personally don’t see how pass blocking can be any worse…and we need more push in the running game.
  3. And news on Wallace? Or is that closely guarded?
  4. How is DJ Dean? Is he totally healthy yet? He has gotten burned over the years. But he is physical. We need tacklers.
  5. Lost in the shuffle in the debacle that was the Auburn game was a speed sweep run with Hammonds. I’d love to see more of him. I recall he stiff armed a dude and make something out of what seemed to be nothing. Y’all think his time for more use has arrived?

Great questions - look forward to seeing the responses.

I think we will definitely see a shakeup on the Oline at guard and someone else will be starting at DE opposite of Wise.

If you’re right, then I hope its Zach Rogers at RG. Jake has been to nicked to do much. Led definitely needs to be back at DE if you ask me. And with the d-line needing a spark…lets play Sosa more.

Of course I don’t see anyone in practice…so what do I know. Nothing really.

We haven’t been allowed to see a practice since preseason camp.

  1. Ledbetter has played very good. No need to move him. He has 31 tackles, 4.5 for TFL and leads the team in sacks at 3.5

Seeing as how the coaches see them every day, they must feel better with Ledbetter and Sosa inside.

  1. Rogers has been given a shot earlier this season and is getting another one these two weeks. He has not made a move yet.

  2. Wallace didn’t practice this week, but is expected back next week. Availability for next week’s game has not been announced and likely won’t be until next Friday

  3. Dean has not played well this year. He has 10 tackles this season.

  4. I am sure that he will continue to be more involved in the game plan, but RWIII and Devwah have done nothing to lose snaps

If we don’t have anyone good enough to make a move at right guard then Bret’s comment that " we should have recruited more interior lineman" is the biggest understatement of the season.

No question Led has played very very well. My thinking was that they might not be satisfied with DE…maybe the thinking being Sosa can do better at DT than Tevin is at DE.

I got the suggestion Led might slide to DE from Clay in his Wed. article.