Insiders: Peoples Presser

I just finished watching it at 7:55PM. It was supposed to be live. However, before she ever sat down on the video, I saw “reporters” saying almost word for word what she said during the press conference, down to the answers some of you were asking during the conference.

Was the press conference held before 7:30 and tape delayed?

She read the same press release which had already been issued

The reporters asked her questions, I had already saw those questions and her answers prior to the conference as well. That’s why I asked. On a few of the questions she looked back down at the paper as if she already had the questions and answers to the questions on there

Julie’s presser began around 7:40 and ended around 7:55. We did not have the capability to stream it live tonight.

It was streamed on I started watching it at 7:40 and it ended at 7:55, so I guess, I did see it live, so my question is, who was privy to the acting AD prior to the conference?

Again, a lot of what she said, and answers to questions that were being asked was on Twitter prior to me watching.

Maybe your stream was delayed. All of the credentialed media for the game were allowed into her press conference. I think that is what you are asking.

Yes. Thank you