Insiders? On Ramsey.

Is this a positive for the position. The question is, does the additional speed help the overall defense throughout the schedule?

As a DE?

I think it’s a BIG positive. I think it’s a speed rush guy to play against spread teams. I remember LSU putting a linebacker in rush position to torment Texas Tech quarterback in bowl. Ramsey can do that. He also can cover. He can play in a 4-3. I think you are seeing some thoughts from Paul Rhoads. I believe this provides versatity within personnel groups that did not exist last year.

Ok so I get letting Ramsey play rush end in some situations but if we are gonna be without Beanum, I do not understand why Jamario Bell remains at tight end. He is still a young player, there is time for him to work into a good defensive player instead of wasting his talents in an 8 man deep tight end group. Makes zero sense to me. Why not try Cantrell at defensive end? He is an athlete too. I just don’t like losing a senior starter and moving one of the most promising LB talents that doesn’t weigh 250 to end.

Thought I read where the coaches think his relative lack of physicality made the move to TE a better fit. I trust them.

This time last year BB was talking about Bells talent and ceiling be so high. I know they can’t make the light come on for him, but it’s a shame to bury him on TE depth.

Over the years I have learned that moving talented players is one of the best indicators of depth and wins for Arkansas. When Arkansas moves a guy like Bell it is a good thing. It shows they have the depth to take the long term view.

It is nice to not be so needy in the d line that we cannot afford to move a Bell.

It is a luxury not a problem.

I think they like Agim, Marshall, Capps and Guidry on the defensive front. Several can play end from that group.

Clay could Bell not be a speed guy as well with more size? That’s if he were to come back from defense?

I don’t think Bell has the versatility as Ramsey. I think it’s clicked for Randy.

Ramsey is far advanced in his linebacker skills and will be a factor in base and in the spread rush end package. He’s also in the nickel. He’s proven himself as a player over the last year with Robb Smith. It’s rather obvious that everyone on the defense loves Ramsey and thinks he’s going to be a playmaker. Neat kid who has embraced all things Arkansas. I’ll write something about him today.

So, are they going to use him as a hybred type player? I know we have struggled a bit at linebacker, so this surprised me a bit. I trust Coach B, just a bit confused on the impact to the linebacking corps.

After talking to Randy and with coaches yesterday at media day, it’s clear that they covet what Randy can do in all areas of the defense. The key in all of this is that he can play strong side linebacker base, play the rush end out of base, play outside linebacker in nickel and all other packages. You have a complete linebacker/end who knows the scheme and has versatility. No one else on the team brings this total package. He did play a lot of rush end in high school. He’s played a lot of linebacker here. It’s a fit. End of story.

Thanks Clay. That makes more sense. I was kind of confused schematically.

What a wonderful asset to have.

Randy is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Glad he realized he messed up and took the steps to get back here. Great story. I hope he does well.

A truly significant statement of maturity, leadership and drive.

EXAMPLE for all team members.

There were clear statements from Randy on his belief that he made a mistake and wanted to fix the mistake. He didn’t want to go somewhere else. He wanted to come back here as a walk-on and earn his place with teammates, coaches and everyone else. He’s done that. He is all in. Rory Segrest would like him to gain a few pounds to be an every down end, but that’s probably not what they are asking him to do. Randy said no one has asked him to gain any weight yet. He’d do it. But he doesn’t want to sacrifice any speed by adding weight unless it’s right.

I don’t think Bell has the versatility as Ramsey. I think it’s clicked for Randy.
[/quote]The Help Wanted sign is hanging out front and center; you’d think some of those pencilled in at TE would respond soon.