Insiders ? On Bielema's Buyout

Can you comment on how the huge, one sided buyout came to be?As I recall this was not the buyout in the original contract, but rather was negotiated after the 7-6 season in his second year.

Is this correct and was it a result of Nebraska expressing interest?

I still can’t believe Long got out negotiated so badly. In the case of Petrino the buyout was huge, but at least it was a two way buyout with Petrino having the same provision if he wanted to leave.

I have no answer or insight.

Can only guess that AD thought he had right guy to compete in SEC and provide program stability.

In my view the issue is the AD management.

What is their plan to overcome the recruiting disadvantages we have against the bigs in our conference?

You can’t blame a coach for what has been a systemic problem for the program.

Any AD can promote themselves onto committees on selections and things but AR desperately needs top management and innovative plans if Arkansas is to win titles.

What is the AD plan for Arkansas to win titles?

Surely it is not just hoping a coaching personality lucks into fixing a systemic recruiting solution.

We have had great coaches.

If we had talent this coach would likely be considered great.

I think this is spot on.