Insiders: OL Questions

Do we have any information on how the young O-linemen are advancing? Adcock, Clenin and Wagner were all highly spoken of during the pre-season.
I also really had high hopes for Jake Heinrich. I understand he has been injured since arriving, but he sounded like the kind of tough young man we are needing.
Assuming all remains the same with CBB and Enos I think they should simplify things as much as they need to to get these young men to playing level.
And am I wrong in agreeing, as was stated on Saturday’s broadcast, that B-Wall would be better at guard than tackle? He really is not very good in open space. I know we are short on tackles this season, but moving forward a middle line of Froholdt, Rogers and Wallace might not be too bad.
Are these questions that could be asked of the coaches this week. In reading this board this remains the key concern of most posters. It is not like there are no bodies on campus offering a brighter future.

Insiders didn’t respond so I will give my opinion.
We start with a good core of starters for next year- LG Froholdt, C Rogers, RG Gibson
We will play Jackson and Wallace enough to determine their value the last 4 games.
Clary looked quite good until we played the larger SEC Dlines. Clary needs an off season to add some muscle and he should be quite good.
Adcock, Clenin, Wagner, and Heinrich appear to have some talent but we won’t know until spring ball or if we get to a bowl.

Wagner is healthy and progressing nicely. He had a broken foot to start the year. Clennin is a candidate to play center down the road. Those two are ahead of the newcomers. Of course, they really like Ty Clary, too. Ty needs to continue to add weight and he’s doing that. I do not think Ty played much against SEC defensive lines. He played some against Texas A&M, but seldom after that.

Has Heinrich been hurt?

Hw was major get das recruit.