Insiders, nice articles this am!

CCM’s comments on the day that Tyson (son of IBM) Morris received his scholly is good stuff.

and Matt’s article on Podoji (sp?) was great. Easily the best article I’ve ever read about college soccer (and the first, lol). But just goes to show what this soccer team is doing for us hog fans, just new appreciation for the sport. Kinda like Brandi Chastain and Mia Hamm did for soccer years ago.

Anyway, good stuff, that’s why we pay for this board!


Thank you. I really enjoy writing about soccer. I think Podojil has a chance to be a real star, possibly in two sports.

Who is IBM Morris? Until Portland State I had never heard of Tyson Morris. He looked good in that game. Can somebody give us a little info on him.

Tyson played at Fayetteville High on a team that included a lot of other players now in the SEC. He has been in the Razorbacks’ rotation the past couple of years. He caught a touchdown against Vanderbilt last season.

Morris’ catch and run for a 30-yard score against San Jose State was nice, too, and it came in a big moment. His extra effort on that play is a glimpse of why coaches love him.

What an insanely talented team. 3 SR 1st round draft picks and in IBM an early 2nd rounder.

Lost a PAINFUL 2nd round game to Memphis State and Penny Hardaway. That was gut wrenching.

Are you really an Arkansas fan?

I agree. The hogs will win this week to start the 6 win season. Bowl Year and next year it takes off. WPS!

Maybe jhawg is just a young 'un and not familiar with Nolan’s basketball teams.