Insiders: Murphy Oil Stadium expansion contribution

I heard that Murphy Oil withdrew their $10 million contribution to the stadium expansion, over the direction of the program. Any truth to this?

I don’t know what you’re referring to. WMS expansion?

A friend of mine told me this today. I have no idea who contributed to the expansion. I’m just curious if anybody in the know, could verify if there is any truth to this.

No single entity has given that much, although they wouldn’t have turned it down if someone offered $10M. The Founders Suites are going for $2 million each but there are only 6 of those. I doubt Murphy bought five of them. You were fed a line of baloney.

Thanks, swine!
There’s just so much crap going around with the football program right now, I was surprised when he told me that. That’s why I asked.
It wouldn’t bother me at all if this thread was deleted. I don’t want to add anymore fuel to fire with regard to our struggling football program

I checked. There was never any contribution like that from anywhere. That would have been hailed as a major gift. A $1 gift is announced every time. I think I’ve seen releases on any $250,000 gift.

I’m not sure Murphy has put that much money into the El Dorado area, where they are the biggest dog around. Now they might put $500k into UA athletics, which is still a chunk of change, but $10M does not pass the smell test, would be the biggest gift to UA athletics ever.

You’re right that they would have trumpeted a $10M check, but they’re not telling us who bought the Founders Suites. I’m sure that info will come out at some point through FOI.

They have turned down all FOI requests on suite leases, etc.

A list of suite holders for RRS and BWA was released and published online in 2015. I found a story that linked to the list at <LINK_TEXT text=“ … mated-58m/”></LINK_TEXT> but the list itself is no longer on that site. UA did withhold the suite list for Baum because they are in competition with the Naturals in selling suites for baseball games.

I don’t know where my friend came up with that info, but I’ll set him straight on that. Thanks for the replies.

Nope. Bud Walton gave $15 million toward the arena that bears his name; the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation gave $20 million toward the 2001 expansion, which is why RS became DWRRS. Also Jerry Jones gave more than $10.6 million toward the academic/dining building south of HPER. But it would be up there on the big donations list.

I thought Bud gave half that for the arena, but that was a while back, and I could be wrong, and you certainly have it right on the Reynolds Foundation. I thought Jerry Jones gave his money in more than one chunk, but again I might be wrong about that.

$10M in one throw would be a quantum step up for the Murphy family, who’ve got dough and support the Hogs but have a much heavier commitment to making south central Arkansas a better place to live.

Bud put up half of the $30 million cost to build BWA. Which, for a Walton, is sofa-cushion change, but real money to the rest of us.

I agree that Murphy has put a lot of money back into Union County. The El Dorado Promise is a heckuva deal (now copied by my hometown, Arkadelphia; where was that when I needed it?).

The ADG has in their archives the list for BWA and RRS for 2016

I thought the Founder’s Suites were $3-$3.5m, more for the 50yr line?

You may be right on the $3 million part. I couldn’t find documentation either way so I guessed low. I have not heard anything that some cost more than others; as noted, there are only 6. Which means they are really big suites, like 60+ feet long.

The original funding was to sell 10 and raise $30M with a donation from the athletic department of $10m for design/early work/etc., to come up with their $40m. As you said, they only sold 6 and said the money was $18-21m depending on the article.