Insiders, Morris

Is bringing new staff with him, do you guys know if he is keeping any of the current staff?

Well we know he is bringing Joe Craddock who will be the offensive coordinator.

We know several people he is bringing, what we don’t know is who from the current staff maybe kept.

By the way the OL coach and WR coach from SMU are also coming, the WR Coach was in the Razorback jet pics that have been posted on line.

That has not been determined yet. I am going to GUESS that Barry Lunney gets to stay. Not sure on anything else.

That would be my hope.

Michael Smith has coached RBs at Kansas State, so if they think they need that Louisiana recruiting, he might find a home there.

They need Louisiana recruiting whether they think it or not. If they think they can rely on TX & OK players they will have a very tough go of it

in the interview , he made the comment needing to Louisiana