Insiders--Jackson Rutledge ?

Is he just not in DVH’s plans moving forward? Is there something (other than lack of control, ineffectiveness) else going on with him?

Coming into the season he was a plus prospect who was looked at as a probable weekend starter down the line.

Now, he’s not making the travel roster and DVH’s comments about him suggest he’s thoroughly unimpressed.

It almost seems like he’s firmly in the dog house and isn’t going to be able to get out, here, at this rate.

Any thoughts?

This is only my opinion. I don’t think the coaching staff trust him enough right now for him to travel to Hoover. It may be this fall before he see game action.
The young man lost confidence in himself in that Bama game and he wasn’t close to the strike zone. He may not have had food bull pen work since that time. Wes Johnson and DVH sure don’t need for the young man to have a blow up in Hoover.
I think we will see him next year!

I’ve asked Dave about him a couple of times the past couple of weeks and the answer has been the same both times: “He’s just too wild for us to trust right now.”

The fact that he is not on the travel roster this weekend tells me one of two things. One, they are sending him to summer ball early to get him as much work as possible. Two, he’ll be at a junior college next season.

Which option seems more likely? I sure hope he is able to get his control back! He has an electric arm.

Is he a redshirt?

Could Jackson be added later for NCAA?

What about Plunkett, will he be back, is he hurt?

really hate this about Rutledge, but I certainly understand DVH’s view. He couldn’t get a ball within 5 feet of the plate when he last pitched. Must be in his head. Maybe this is something like the “yips” in golf, but I hope he can work out of it.

Vermillion pitched seven times so he’s not redshirting unless he develops one of those mysterious injuries you get when you’re buried at the end of the bench but the coaches still think you have potential.

He is not a redshirt.

I would be surprised to see Rutledge pitch again the rest of this season.

Plunkett is eligible for the draft but he’s probably not going to be a big prospect.

Going to San Jacinto JC next year. I heard he went home after finals.

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Here is more on Rutledge’s transfer: … or-colleg/

Good luck to the young man! I hope he finds his control and confidence.