Insiders its...

evident that a change has to be made. Does he make it to the Mizzou game is the only question?

He shouldn’t make it past Sunday afternoon, Bielema has to go.

I think he’ll coach through the end of the season. I don’t see this AD being one to make a change mid-season.

I think he needs to be gone. But what is the point of firing now? It wouldn’t change anything. In fact I expect it would cost money. Who ever was named temporary head coach would probably get paid more than they are.

Announcing he has “resigned” effective the end of the year? That could happen but not until at most 3 weeks to go (probably 1 or 2 weeks). That would help with the replacement process.

I don’t expect anything until for at least 3 weeks. More likely later (or not at all, it isn’t a given that he is gone)

Agree, no reason to make a move mid-season. Long has been very quiet over the past month, it will be interesting over the next 5 weeks to see how this plays out. Behind closed doors he may have already told CBB he will be out at end of season or that he gets another year, possibly 2 years.

I have never thought firing a coach in the middle of the season accomplishes anything. One of two things typically happens: The team either checks out completely knowing the administration has thrown in the towel, or they rally and create the possibility of an interim being promoted, which typically does not end well. In fact, outside of Dabo Swinney, I can’t think of a time that has worked well long term. I don’t think it will work out well for LSU and Orgeron.

i think the team has already checked out. might as well let all know we are in the market for a new coach. long can begin his work talking to agents, see who is interested behind closed doors. no coach will openly say they are interested in the job. but if he fires him and waits too long what little recruits a new coach might sway to stay on board is shot other than possibly Arkansas kids.

But it is time and Long better get this right. i don’t care if we win the rest of our games, this coaching staff is inept and in the long run cannot get it done.

new blood will at least keep the fan base interested for a while. coach b and staff return then i think next year will be a disaster both record wise and fan support. Long has seats to fill…

and while I’m at it, hire a coach that has some fire. intensity. this coach doesn’t have a clue. deer in headlights. forget the politically correct coach which Long likes, hire someone that will fight tooth and nail to win some games.

Agreed. Just have to tune into a second half to see this team doesn’t have much fight for Bret.

Time to get things going.

I don’t believe there will be a mid-season change. I’ve never understood that.

I think he will coach the Missouri game.

But don’t know about the Eastern Illinois one.

I think he’ll be terminated the day after the Missouri game. And Jeff will likely already have the next coach selected. We’re lucky this change is being made when we don’t need a large recruiting class.

Makes sense he coaches the season.

My only hope is that we are prepared to act fast upon final minute of season.

My fear is that we will lose our targets to better situations if it comes down to December and January jockeying.

We need plan to have our target agreed basically now and it’s announced quickly after season so our guy off market and we get buzz for recruiting etc to salvage a class if possible

Nice… Just have to respect witty text!