Insiders is Pittman a serious candidate?

I know he has never been a head coach but he’s been around a good while and could bring a good staff with him.
the quickest way to get good again is to get great on the offensive line and defensive line and I think he might could do that for us.I think he would love to get this job and would stay here for as long as he was welcome. I had never really thought about him seriously until just recently.

I would roll the dice with him b/c I know he could bring in 4-5 5* OL and when you have that combined with our skill athletes you got to chance to get back on top quick! He probably won’t get it b/c of no HC experince but loves the area and would probably take the job by all accounts.

Insiders what do you think are his chances?

Do I think he is a good candidate yes. Would need top OC & DC to keep some of the pressure off.
He could bring in a good staff mixed in with some already hear.
Players react very well to him & so do fo recruits.

But I think the chances are slim per reasons you stated.

I like Coach Pittman, but is Arkansas in a situation where it can roll the dice with this coaching hire?

No…we are not in a position to hire Pittman. Love the guy and rate him as one of the best line coaches anywhere. But sometimes getting HC jobs has passed you by and he seems to be that guy.

Does not seem likely but It might work. No coordinator or head coach experience is what will probably keep it from happening. Not many get an SEC job in that scenario.

It would seem obvious that most all coaches aspire to be head coaches, but there’s a lot of nonsense to deal with as a head coach. Sometimes being an highly paid OC who can get out and recruit instead of dealing with the BOT and AD and media may be more enjoyable for a coach. I would think paying Pittman handsomely as an associate HC and OL coach would get his interest. He may not exactly want to jump into the HC role just yet. I wouldn’t.

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I would be surprised if Arkansas hires someone without experience as a college head coach.

Thanks Guys…I really didn’t think he would be a leading candidate,but was intrigued by his ability to bring in impact lineman which is going to make or break anybody we bring in.

Dudley I don’t really think anybody we bring in here is going to keep us from having to roll the dice to a certain degree. I think all of the ones who have been mentioned as top candidates have had issues that would make you hesitate a little.

Fans have mentioned some. The media has mentioned some.

Hunter Yurachek has not mentioned any,

My guess is there a lot of names on his list that aren’t on the fans/media list.

I would also guess that some of who are the fan/media lists have been eliminated.

As for the phrase roll of the dice, it is meant to refer to a coach with no previous major college head coaching experience.

You thinking they should take a chance - at this moment in time - on someone who is not a proven head coach?

Just asking if he was a serious candidate. to be honest,I know he would be a risk only because he’s never been HC but he brings to the table quite a bit in terms of recruiting which imo is the only way we get back to where we need to be.

I don’t know if it means anything at all or If it is in title only. But, Pittman’s title is the Associate Head coach at Georgia if that would matter in considering him.

funny comments from Georgia fans of Pittman being considered:

Quit putting ideas into coach Pittamn’s head. Just stop!

We need to give Pittman a $500k extension every time a P5 head coaching job opens up, just in case.

I’ll go full Avengers “whatever it takes” mode to keep the Pitt Boss in Athens.

Georgia will do what it takes to keep Pittman, unlike AR, except for CBB taking the players to his house to cry to him when he was the main reason Pittman left anyway.
Him and his best friend Chaney are shining over there in that GA offense after being roasted here every week. Probably to much water under the bridge there now.

Jimbeau, Chaney is now back in Knoxville. Georgia fans may love the Pitt Boss, but many of them were not that fond of Chaney.

Oops you’re right, I guess since GA is on national scale Pittman not going anywhere.

As I have noted many times because I was standing next to Dan Skipper when he got the call from CBB,

Sending them over to “cry” was not what he was told. He was asked if he and some of the other OL could talk to Pittman.

I would have ask them to do the same thing because of Pittman being as good as he is.

But as Jackson has pointed out…over and over and over and over…this was about the relationship between CBB and Coach Pittman.

That started with the hiring of Enos and him taking the offense more east and west instead of north and south as Pittman performed. He told us that clearly in an interview in the media room three weeks into the season.

Pittman was also not enamored with CBB’s private life.

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Thanks for the last sentence there Dudley -at least partially affirms what I said, continue to say, and will always say about Tito Bert,

Sam had his fill of the lazy lush.

While I will continue to think that description is middle schoolish at best, I have never said it wasn’t an issue.

After all, friends of my daughters used to work at Theo’s and would clue me in.

I just don’t think it was one of the main factors that brought down the program.

Recruiting, development, bad hire, in-game decisions and a reversal of discipline/accountability are above that to me.

I will give you that fact that it was the main issue with Solomon Thomas.

I know you don’t like the way I frame things up, but really appreciate you letting it be known I wasn’t making things up about Bielema’s off field behavior.

I’ve had people on this board call me a liar for saying that Bielema was drunk at a private recruiting dinner for a religious, 5 star recruit DE and that it played a large part in him not signing with Arkansas.

I’m not a liar and I’m not lying when I suggest his off field issues were a big problem for Pittman.

PS Regarding Reversal of discipline accountability - hard to maintain accountability/ discipline when the team knows the coach doesn’t have it. They know people that work at Theo’s too😎