Insiders, How large are the buyouts?

So many people are talking about firing CBB. But if a move is made it will cost $$$ though I do not know the real numbers.

Insiders… How large are the post 2017 season buyouts for CBB and ADJL (assuming both would have to go to fire CBB)?

Also insiders…

I posted somewhere yesterday but it got lost in the thread.

I heard talk of a few lawyers that read over the contract and found a clause that actually cuts the buyout in half. I’m not sure what the clause was, or any other details. They were talking about it on the radio, and just mentioned that in someway the 15 could drop down to a round 7-8.

That’s about all I got out of it before my wife began to start griping about the talk show station.

Any way, I wonder if you guys have any knowledge of this clause?

The buyout is $15.4 million through Dec. 31. It drops to $11.7 million on Jan. 1.

Lump sum payout? Over time? If over a period of time how long?

That is not specified in the document I have.

Is there a clause specifying that the buyout is cut in half if your offensive line, special teams, pass rush, receivers, and in-game coaching all suck? If so, let’s invoke it.