Insiders: Hi-Tech and Virtual Reality

The drone and headset used Thursday in practice were more ways to see how football has gone hi-tech. I remember the Hogs were utilizing virtual reality under the previous staff. Are they still going to use that as well? Do they see the benefit of using it?

I will check today.

I’m told that particular virtual reality system embraced by the old staff is not the system the new staff prefers. Also, I was also told that the VR system wasn’t used quite as much by the previous staff as some envisioned. It was somewhat helpful for David Williams in the summer after he arrived as he was learning the new terms and plays. Not sure why this VR system is not quite the rage according to the new staff, but I’ll follow up on that. Clearly, they would have to store new stuff of their system. Anything that is in the computers is useless now. You’d know that because it’s new schemes on both sides. I do know they use high tech video looks with drone, helmet cams, etc.

Thanks, Clay. Appreciate you following through.