Insiders: Does the December recruiting period change the decision date on a coaching change?

Traditionally such decisions (Holtz, Ford, Nutt, Smith) have been made or announced immediately after the last regular season game. That was also when Broyles retired.

Hatfield left immediately after the bowl game. Petrino was fired after the motercycle debacle. Both of these departures led to a more difficult transition.

Does the early (December) signing period change this and force an announcement in mid October?

I doubt if that will happen. You fire in Mid-October you really can’t name a replacement if they currently have a job coaching because they don’t want to jeopardize their current employment so the recruits know the Brett isn’t going to be there but they don’t know who will replace him, which hurts recruiting.

If there is a decision made to let him go - and I don’t think that has been decided yet - they would likely try to have the new guy in place soon after the final game so he would be able to recruit in December.

I do not think Arkansas’ AD is the type to make a change before a season is finished.

does it hurt recruiting to have him staying ???

word on the street far and wide is that he’s leaving
at least that he is on “hot seat”

is a scholarship at arkansas more desirable if a “new” and maybe better coach is taking over a once proud program that has had such historically uncharacteristic losing teams under current coach


Different does not equal better.
Chances are probably better that different equals worse.
New coaches, methods, understanding of individuals and
their interactions with this team. We have more potent
pieces in place. The experience they are gaining now will
continue to improve and mature.

Hopefully, we will continue to upgrade our level of able
players and the final product will be a winning program
that will find us in the top six of the SEC on a regular basis.
This is at the minimum; however, we have to play consistently
at this level in order to continue on so that we can challenge
for a SEC championship in a more consistent manner.

that sounds great.
i am wondering if high school age recruits think that

we now have a reputation as a bad program with a bad coach

its what people across the country think if not many even in our state…
im just wondering if we get more recruits with coach X rather than our current one

Each of the recruits that I have talked to support the coach and are committed to Arkansas.

The fact that Arkansas has a smallish class this year is probably best because you might have had some issues with recruiting if it was a normal one in terms of numbers.

Recruits are more level-headed than fans and don’t think like that.

If I could be as tuned in to what ‘most’ people think of our program as you are able to be, I would be a very, very rich man.

Even those high rolling media brains had Hillery sitting in the oval office. WRONG!