Insiders do you have any thoughts? Clay/Dudley/Matt??

Who do you think our next coach will be?

I don’t think the insiders know anything about the search. They have been awfully quiet during this process, which does not do service to those who pay to be part of this board.

I’m going to make you one guarantee: We are not going to throw bad information out to our readers. We hear things right now, but nothing reliable enough to report as fact. That tends to be the case when a coaching search is 24 hours old.

We will report reliable information. When we have it, you will have it.

I personally wouldn’t want it any other way, thank you and the guys. WPS

Matt, you mean to tell me for $8 a month I don’t get rumors, speculation and innuendo. Oh, I forgot that’s the regular posters. Lol!

Since CBB was just fired about 24 hours ago I would say you are right. You can’t just pull up to “Coaches R Us” drive thru and order a dang coach! :roll:

well sure you can, that was why they fired him so quick.

Remember she said there were big time coaches lining up for the job

well, heck…most of this board doesn’t mind unreliable information. :smiley:

Game. Set. Match.

With that in mind how can we possibly feel good about any of this?
As has been said earlier everything we have heard from the Interim seems highly questionable to say the least. Sounds like a presidential press secretary rather that an Interim AD with the power to choose the next coach by herself.
They say never leave a job until you have another one. I think the same can be said for this situation.

We are 24 hours in. Anybody you would want is still coaching. Calm down

It’s Norvell

I’m good with that! Let the recruiting begin…