Insiders...disappearance of D Reed?

Any insights to why he has disappeared off the radar?

Consistency. He isn’t as reliable as the guys who play. Simple answer, I know, but that’s what it boils down to.

D. Reed is a very naturally talented player. The impression I get from coaches comments is that he doesn’t prepapre as hard as he could, be it in the weight room to get stronger or in the film room. We’ve got a good group of receivers so I am glad that it is the way it is. Still hoping the light comes on for him because we could use him achieving his potential.

I did not see him on the field at all in the first half, and very little after halftime. Which made me wonder if he had been suspended for a half for being late or some similar violation. Insiders?

I think it’s simple, production. I don’t know if he’s strong enough to play against physical press coverage like Florida plays with its top to cornerbacks. I see trust between Austin and the ones that are playing. You have to trust a WR to beat man to go to him.

Appears to me that the return of Keon Hatcher and Dominique’s effort on and off the field and reduced his snaps along with what Clay noted

I think the only holding Reed back is Reed. I don’t know, but bet he has been able to make it his whole football life on ability that was over most everyone else. That is not the case now. He has to put in the work if he wants to make it. It’s up to him. Could be all wrong. Just a guess.