Insiders, didn't Bielema say

That Pulley was not necessarily out for the season and they’d know more after his surgery? Thought I saw that somewhere yesterday.

He said he’d be out a significant amount of time and noted he still had his redshirt year.

Ryan said he was out for the year on his Facebook post.

If it’s pectoral tendon surgery – and that’s what it was stated to me – then he’d be out for the season. That’s a long, tough rehab. Everyone heals differently. I guess that would be the note in all of this. But I don’t expect Ryan Pulley to play again this season.

I know the injury happened early in the first game of the season. He has a redshirt year available. How much can a person play and still be redshirted. I know there’s been talk about changing those rules, but wondering what the current rule allows.

I’d think he can still use his redshirt. Also still has the medical redshirt option, which is what Kevin Richardson used last year after getting hurt in the opener.

Thanks, Jimmy. I thought he could get a medical redshirt, but didn’t know if having a redshirt available would override the medical redshirt (if that makes sense).

Once you step on the field you cannot “redshirt.”

Now if you get hurt in the first two games or so (there is a certain percentage), you can file for a medical hardship where you can get that year back.

There also have been instances where even if you did not have a year to burn, you can file with the NCAA for a medical hardship and get a sixth playing year that would happen in an instance where you redshirted a year and then maybe got hurt in game one or two in another season. We had a running back not long ago get a sixth year.

Kody Walker, I believe.

There has been discussion about changing the rule where playing in up to four games at any point of the season doesn’t burn a redshirt. It has fairly widespread support from what I’ve seen but I don’t know when or if the NCAA membership is going to vote on it. This rule would also allow freshmen who have otherwise redshirted to play in bowl games.
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Read somewhere today where NCAA is considering allowing D-1 transfers to be immediately eligible (not having to sit out a year) if they maintain a certain grade-point average. But a second transfer would require the athlete to sit out a year.

I don’t think you can get a Medical Redshirt until you use all eligibility PLUS your regular redshirt. In other words, you can use the Medical Redshirt when you have used all 4 yrs of eligibility PLUS your regular redshirt to gain the 6th year. Confusing!

They know he will get the medical redshirt for this season. It will be granted when asked. I doubt Ryan Pulley is at Arkansas five years.