Insiders...Close but no cigar

It looks like we’re the bridesmaid again…So what’s the move?

Iw waiting on a response also ???

I don’t think the insiders know what is next. They appear to be outsiders during this process.

What we can assume is that the Gus Bus has moved on. He’s not coming Arkansas after leading his team like he did today.

What if they lose to Georgia ?

I just don’t think you see top 5 teams coaches leaving for other programs.

It’s still Gus. Results of the Georgia game. Lose and back to Arkansas.

Next Mike Norvell. Mike has a game to play. He will wait. He want’s the Arkansas job. Period.

Just an interesting note my son dated Maria Chiolino for a while. Has said she is good looking. No go, my son is way to pickyy, LOL

I respectively disagree.

I don’t thinks it’s Gus now. Auburn loves him for beating Bama.

[color=#8000FF]Tommy Tubberville beat Bama over and over and over again … and still got fired at Auburn. That fan base is the worst in the country.[/color]