Insiders can you confirm?

That Gragg and Bell are beginning to step it up? That TE depth is once again going to be a strength for this team? That’s a rumor I’ve heard anyway.

There hasn’t been enough open practice this spring for me to make that statement. I saw Jamario Bell being rode pretty hard by coaches during the portion of practice that was open last weekend. I saw Will Gragg getting some kudos on a blocking scheme to the outside. Nothing else from either of them stood out to me, but admittedly I wasn’t watching either of them that intently.

I’d say that neither will be higher than fifth-string tight end in the fall, based on who else is coming back and Jeremy Patton coming in. I’d put Cantrell, O’Grady and Gunter all ahead of them, and maybe Kraus, too.

Wow. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad about that. I guess 4 star fifth stringers is a sign of depth. I’ll take it as a positive.

Gragg has improved. I think he’s gotta chance to be in the depth. Not so sure about Bell. In the two practices I’ve seen, Gragg has done better than I expected, both in running routes and blocking. Gragg had one mistake early in one practice and then did well from that point forward based on my conversations with Barry Lunney.

The coaches have said several times Gragg has been more focused this offseason. Talked to Lunney for a while yesterday and he said the depth chart for the ones Saturday looks like:

1 - Cantrell
2 - O’Grady/Kraus - depending on personnel needs

Obviously Jeremy Patton figures to make an instant impact when he arrives. I’d put a healthy Grayson Gunter over Gragg and Bell. And they’re working Hayden Johnson there this spring so he’s not just limited to packages with the FB and they can give teams different looks in the fall.

So that’s 6 guys that would probably play before them right now. Just a really deep position.