Insiders, be real with us

Realistically, how hot has the seat gotten?

I think it is significantly hotter since the South Carolina game, but there are still a lot of games this year that could change the perception. As I see it, Arkansas was competitive against to two good teams and blown out by an average-at-best one. There aren’t many good teams left on the schedule, but enough wins to make a bowl game and/or a win over a good team (I think Auburn is beatable on a given day) would offset what has happened to this point in the season.

I don’t see Ark beating Auburn even with home field advantage Different years compared to last years beat down but Auburn is better than last year in all three phases. They played Clemson close without some of players they have now.

I didn’t see Arkansas stomping Florida last year either, but it happened.

I will be surprised if Bielema coaches at Ole Miss after the results of the next two weekends.

I don’t think he will be fired any time in the next few weeks, but obviously the seat is on fire right now.

The man is exhausted and has no answers… he’s at a loss. They will offer a settlement and he’ll take it - if not before Ole Miss then soon after.

He’s ready.

You know people that know people, or is this your opinion. Not judging, just curious.

Auburn will run the ball at will against us, no way we win that game. We will lose by 21 or more.

I agree that he is exhausted and out of answers.

He honestly looks and sounds like a man who doesn’t want this job anymore, but can’t come out and say it. He repeats the same nonsense over and over, knowing no one even himself believes it. Feeling defeated is a horrible feeling, and I think he feels that. Probably questioning how good of a coach he really is.

Opinion based on watching college football closely and seeing similar situations play out. I posted before the A& M game if they lost to the Aggies again Bielema and Long would lose control of the " the buyout is too big/he will coach in 2018 narrative." As predicted they have and the blowout in Columbia has accelerated that. A blowout in Tuscaloosa and another triumphant homecoming by Gus will be the breaking point for everybody - fanbase, national media, administration, and finally Bret.

It will be the football equivalent of a TKO which will give the administration a start on the process. The new coach will need to be on board ASAP due to the early signing date.

Unless he quits (and he won’t) he will coach out the year or close to it.

It just isn’t a good look to be firing the HC in mid season.

I agree - it won’t be a firing. I predict it will two parties ready to move on mutually agreeing to do so. Similar to Oregon State today except there will be $ changing hands.

Respect your opinion, but I don’t see him leaving in the middle of the season, nor do I see the AD removing him. In fact, as unpopular as it sounds I think it’s a reach to think he won’t be here in 2018.

Just my 2 cents.

He’d have to beat Alabama and Auburn to stick around until next year. Even then I’m not sure he wouldn’t head out on his own.

I think there’s no way he’s here next year, the next few weeks will get it to a point of no return.

If we finish 6-6, and it’s possible, that means some crappy bowl and there is no way he is fired. Could still leave, but not fired.

As bad as things seem, we had our chances to beat 2 good teams in TCU and A&M. It’s possible we beat CCU, on road Ole Miss, MSU and Mizzou at home. Probable? No. Impossible? No.

Said this last week, the USCe game didn’t change my opinion. I expect to lose to Bama and AUB, then AR will have 5 VERY winnable games, plus a toilet bowl and another mediocre to bad team. Then the first three games next year are against crap teams. AR, very easily going into AUB next year, could be on a nine game win streak. Then AR plays AUB, aTm, and Bama. I expect to lose those three, then we end the season next year the same way as this year, six easy games. Another bowl game (at 9-3 against a better than avg team), then the first 3/4 games in 2019 are against crap teams. That means after AUB until the 5th week of 2019 (aTm) AR can legitimately go 20-3. Everyone calling for his job, will be happy and we will see another extension and big buyout. Face it guys, we will be stuck with Bret. And for everyone saying 20-3 is great it’s against subpar teams, you know just like Petrino. Yet, many of you said that wasn’t good enough.

Thanks for reality DD

As noted above, it is bad optics to fire before November 1.

We don’t know about the letdown beyond seeing it happen before our eyes. Really possible that the reason is more obvious to fans than it is to the coaches - the team does not feel AA gives them the best shot at winning. OR, some other similar situation where players know each other and the coaches are shielded from it.

The buyout is a non-factor. Always has been. The buyout is for the perception of things. Yes, a bigger buyout means the money that changes hands gets ramped up. Or, the school swooping in to hire him away from UA has to have a good poker face about it. (Many schools would fold before finding out how negotiable the buyout might be).

Hot seat? You bet.

No line in the sand has been crossed.

I buy the line of thinking that generally reads, “Vegas knows.” Vegas is not in the business of losing money. We were a six- or maybe seven-win team pre-season, and that may not be all that different today. Trade out a better Auburn for a not-as-good LSU. Five winnable games, regardless, to end the season would build momentum and bury a lot of demons. It would land us in another “meh” bowl against a team we can beat.

Seven wins, maybe, is not what many fans want but it seems to be a realistic target. Still.

What we are learning is the the SEC chews up and spits out good coaches. Bielema may be next. He will merely be chasing after the tail lights of the moving fan driven by Butch Jones, Matt Luke, and maybe Mark Stoops.

That last line is sobering, as it could also include Ed Orgeron and Kevin Sumlin. That means this is a HORRIBLE off-season to be trying to hire a new coach. HORRIBLE! We would be ahead of only KY in terms of being a viable option for a coach looking to take a turn at Nick Saban’s gauntlet. Dreams of [insert your favorite dream coach, realistic or not] and then ask how deep your wish list can go. Six deep? Then UA might get one. Someone is going to be fired in other P5 conferences and outbid UA also. Or, be more attractive.

I read one thread two months ago touting the guy at Tulsa as the “next big thing.” He might be, but that defense makes Paul Rhoads crew look like the mid-80s Bears. Suddenly, he is not really a big thing. Where will that assessment be in two months on the SEC? We do not hire in a vacuum.