Insiders, be real with us part 2

I keep seeing this being speculated, so it has brought me to ask is Jeff Long also on the hot seat? I personally thought he has done a good job, but maybe I’m missing something.

I’m no insider, but I highly doubt it.

He will drop Bret like a bad habit if he has to.

I think Jeff is fine, personally, but I don’t know the inner thoughts of the 12 or so people who have the capability of making that change. The athletics department is strong overall - debt is low relative to other SEC schools, all but two programs (I think) competed in NCAA postseason a year ago, academics are strong, etc. If you scoff at any of those data points, you don’t understand what university leaders want from the person in the AD position. Hiring the football coach is probably the most high-profile aspect of the job, but just one of many decisions upon which his performance is evaluated.

The Chancellor likes and respects Jeff. He knows he has done a good job when you look at the totality of what he is responsible for. It’s not his fault we have a sorry offensive line.

I don’t think there are enough on the board of trustees who don’t like Jeff that he’s in danger to this point. You always hear of one or two that would like a change. That was the case for about 30 years with Frank Broyles. So that’s normal. No, I don’t think Jeff Long is in trouble.

I don’t understand the criticism of Jeff Long. Other than the buyout that in retrospect seems awful, he’s done an outstanding job overall. He’s hired good coaches & fired them when he had to. BP seemed like a great hire at the time despite the misgivings of some about his willingness to change jobs at the drop of a hat. He made the right decision to fire BP, though. JLS was a bad option out of only bad options. CBB had an incredible resume. One can make a good case that it was a bad hire, but only through hindsight.

As others have pointed out, our revenue is very high, our facilities are among the best, our athletes have pretty stayed out of trouble (a tribute to the coaches), and our academic success is the best it’s been in years. We’re also succeeding on the field, court, & diamond. All our sports, except football, are doing well. Yeah, I know football is the main driver of all of it & I know it’s not doing well, but I don’t blame Long for that. He hasn’t been perfect. He’s made decisions I’m not sure are the best, but he has information I’m not privy to. I think we’re lucky to have him.

Until Jeff Long is removed the football program will be in trouble, he has done nothing in regards to raising money, improvements and so forth that any good AD could do and in the process manage athletics a hell of a lot better.

man, he must have stole your lunch money.


Football is certainly not in the best shape at the moment, but most everything else is.

I also think he is less tied to Coach B than many of the fans think.

Coach B was a great hire at the time. Easy to practice revisionist history now.

Pretty simple - It trended upward for almost four years, but hasn’t in the last seven games.

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Football coaching hires of Bobby Petrino, which looked great until that fateful motorcycle ride, interim coach of John L. Smith in an emergency situation and then a 3 time Big 10 champion coach Bret Bielema? And people think that the two long term coaching hires were bad?

That is 2 very good football hires at the time they were made, although we took a chance on one with some character issues.

With the overall success in the athletics programs, hard to think that Long should be fired.

Jeff H