Insiders, Any word on Storey?

I’m assuming that there were no bites or nibbles for him in the transfer portal. Any new news on what he’s looking into these days?

Have not heard anything, but Ty is a quiet one that does not put his business out in the open.

I kinda laughed. No one waiting in the portal? I want to see this “portal” and see who is in there.

You don’t watch enough Sci-Fi movies…once you have your new school…you enter and are instantly transferred
to the new campus! :wink:

He’s running out of time at this point, isn’t he?

He’s got all the way until next season. But, yes, there are limits to when you can transfer in the spring semester and that’s about gone. School has been in session for two weeks at Arkansas. Don’t know about when school starts at various schools for the spring semester.

Believe me if you’ve had playing time in the SEC (junior NFL) their are many programs who would add you to their roster in a hot second.

I hope he knows that not every player in NFL camps came from a power 5 school or even D-1 program and had massive tv exposure every Saturday prior.

That free ride to a college degree is a once in a lifetime (in this case twice) opportunity.

insiders…… Has Tyler given up his spot on the 85 man roster, or does he still have an option to stay?