Insiders….Any truth to…

The Kendal Briles being targeted by Mississippi State rumors on the MSU 24/7 site?

Lots and lots of discussion happening on the 247 site, both on the Arkansas and Miss State side of things

I don’t know if it’s true, but it would not surprise me if there is interest on the MSU side. I think head coaches are often drawn to coaches who give them trouble in games or in recruiting, and Arkansas has given Arnett’s defense problems the past couple of years.

I know Steve Robertson a little through baseball. I know he is well plugged in at Mississippi State. I’ve read his post. He says there is some substance to Briles being a target, but it reads as if there are other targets, too.

It would not seem to be a good fit at least initially…Rogers is not his style of QB…KJ is

Latest from Robertson as of five minutes ago:

“First and foremost, I’m told that Arkansas OC Kendal Briles has interest in the position here at State. He’s had conversations with Arnett. I’m told part of the intrigue with Briles is how hard Arnett had to prepare for the Arkansas’ offense. There is a mutual respect from Arnett and Briles.

I’ve been told the ball is in Briles’ court right now and that Arnett has told him it will be his offense. He will have the autonomy to run it as he sees fit. Apparently, that hasn’t been the case all of the time at Arkansas. Briles will have some say in assistant coaching hires, but will have complete autonomy in game planning and play calling. It will be his show if he decides to make the move.”

We have already been decimated on the Defensive side & don’t need our Offense to experience the same. Would be concerned about losing KJ & other key players that would set us back several seasons on a go forward basis. This is proving to be a difficult post-season for Arkansas.

Irony of dowell leaving already.

Confirms what many have stated that Sam has controlled some of the offensive calls.

Don’t want to lose him but I would understand.

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I can’t disagree that CSP has controlled some of the calls, as will any head coach. But CSP said after the bowl game that coming out in the 2nd half, he told KB to run what he wanted to run until the 8 minute mark of the game when he told him to run the reverse.

That’s the scary part. Would KJ go with Briles, even though Rogers is coming back? KJ is from Miss. Maybe then, we pick up Rogers, depending on our new OC?

Doesn’t Briles have a “no lateral move in the SEC” in his contract? Was this past season the last season in his multi-year contract?

Briles has two seasons remaining on his contract. I don’t have his original contract handy, but I do not think he has a no-compete clause.

To my knowledge, the only coaches with that clause currently are Sam Pittman and Travis Williams.

In this day and time, I can’t imagine any contract not having a no compete within conferences unless it’s a promotion.

Most contracts do not include them. Coaches want to be able to move around without constraints should the opportunity or need arise.

Reasonable. Unless a player does it, then the sport is falling apart.



So it is essentially a lateral move at best, but supposedly with “full freedom” to call whatever wants too? This would be a surprising move to me if it were to happen but it does worry me about the possible fallout on the offensive side of the ball should it come to fruition!

I also thought Briles wanted to be here until at the very least KJ’s career is over here at U of A? Obviously, things can change.

This is just crazy times

I see a raise for KB.

Would KJ & others on offense follow Briles so they remain together until KJ’s college career is over?

Very scary thought if so!!!

Player freedom/mobility gives assistant coaches even more leverage than they already had. If he were to leave, timing could not be much worse for Arkansas from a portal recruiting standpoint.

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