Insiders any information on scherer?

Any word on whether or not he was heading to unlv? Was with some folks last evening who have a few connections who say he is going out west to be dc and that some of the guys in portal will follow out there. Any truth here?

Second question could think mean maybe the dc at Tulane could join maybe as co-dc and coach safeties?

If not him, how about jack Curtis out at liberty to coach safeties? Guys knows our recruiting areas and can coach.


I would also like to know how T Carter is doing. Hopefully he can come back 100% next year and be the force he was supposed to be this year would be a huge+for the defense

Reported on another board that he is the new DC at UNLV. Not sure of validity.

Yep, we aren’t going to have to LB coaches, he’s going to UNLV, most likely as DC, but not set in stone.

With the current coaches able to cover the defensive line, linebackers, and the defensive backfield, this might allow the hire to be on the basis of recruiting prowess, regardless of position group. Seems there could be an upside to this, even though he seemingly was a very good coach, competent recruiter and popular with the kids.

He is going. Wondering if Maddie Pool is staying at Arkansas or going there also.

We don’t have a safeties coach. Williams can coach the LBs if he wishes

She would go with him.

Glad for them. Selfishly I hate it for us as I think she was pretty awesome in recruiting.

Oh well, there has to be someone next to step up in that position.

Interesting. Why do you say that? Our recruiting ranking has been pretty static for awhile. Somewhere between 20-30.

A number of recruits (parents, I think) have commented on the impressive work that goes on behind the scenes with the recruiting office. She was All Hog at a time it was hard to be All Hog.

Good luck to her if she goes with Scherer. And, be forewarned - she is entering a life as a nomad!

I say that because working in the recruiting department is hard and continuity works best. If I understand she did a lot of the on campus stuff that the guys and families like and enjoy.


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