Insiders--any informal reports from work outs?

has been fun to see a few clips on twitter (social media in general more active in the last 2 weeks than in the last 6 months) but any word on the street about how the returning players are adjusting to the new coach?

Not an insider, far from it, but the rumor mill FWIW has it that several players are having trouble making the adjustment from Mike’s coaching style to Muss’ intensity. Could be net guano, could be some fire under that smoke. I guess we’ll find out eventually.

To my understanding, the NCAA doesn’t allow anybody but the coaches, players and trainers in these workouts both in the fall and spring.

But I am obviously going to check on that with this new staff.

Dudley, I didn’t know the coaches could supervise the players working out after basketball season. What is the schedule for that and when? For example, does the NCAA allow 15 practices in the spring? I don’t know…just curious.

I think they are allowed a certain number of “instructional” workouts with a coach for a limited time. Something like two hours a week on the court.

Musselman said the other day they have so many hours per week they can work with the team after the Final Four. Most teams do individual teaching then, and Muss indicated they probably would in the future, but because we’re putting in a whole new system he opted to do team instruction to install the new stuff.

So who is putting out these rumors? Coaches? Players? Trainers?

Good question. They’re getting to me third or fourth-hand and I don’t know their origin. Or their orange. :smiley:

And as usual, Dudley argued and they changed their opinions. All five :smiley:

There is a poster on Hogville that claimed to be at the workouts (no clue who he is other than a screenname). He said guys were struggling from a endurance standpoint, and in the video Musselman told them to quit walking and jog, so maybe he knows something. As for adjusting to the style, that wasn’t the supposed issue, the supposed issue was the difference in coaching style, not style of play.


There was a video I saw somewhere, and cem was telling them not to jog or not walk and jog, don’t remember Wasn’t any big deal , any coach wanting to install his rules and the way he likes things done. But someone was videoing part of the practice. Could have been done by coaching staff. Rumors, these three leaving, this guy not on scholarship , ya de da Nothing we can do about it, let it all play out.

Did you just say “new staff”? Please share who these people are :smiley: JK, DD.