Insiders--any idea why Sampson's

Postgame handshake with MA was do frosty?

I noticed that as well. Looked like CMA tried to kinda stop and talk to him to give him a handshake and Sampson didn’t even look at him just gave him a quick shake and zoomed right past him.

I assumed that it was just a matter that his bubble was burst and his team did not finish well. But you are right he left Mike just standing there.

I just got a chance to watch the post game press conference and he seemed kinda bothered there as well. He talked a lot about their forward that cut his hand at beginning of game, said that was a big loss for them, and was their best post player. I think he probably was just really upset with the loss and felt that was a game they should have won.

what was the story on that cut hand anyways? it took them forever to find where the blood came from and clean it up to restart the game. he must have been cut bad to miss the rest of game, how does that even happen? was someone wearing diamonds out there or what? and seems like he should have sought out first aid treatment instead of trying to play through while refs are searching around for the bleeder. that was a weird episode. tv coverage didnt really say what was going on.

He cut it on the rim and it required 8 stitches, which is why he didn’t return. That was a big break for us as he was averaging like 13 & 7.

I just watched the kelvin post game presser too. Man that was a sore coach, I’ll not go as far as saying sore loser, but gee almost. He was sure sore about that loss. He wouldn’t really expound on the questions asked him, he just kept going back to losing their big man cost the game and avoiding other questions. He really didn’t want to be there and tried to get up before questions were finished.

I just think our amazing press corps missed a golden opportunity to ask him if that raucous crowd of a couple hundred really rattled his team and I mean really what he thought about the crowd size and really how did that crowd effect his team LOL

He deserved a cheap shot like that after how he was acting in the press conference, and somehow seems like this was the only game that didn’t get that question asked to the opponent coach. But this time it would have actually been appropriate and hilarious.

Where did y’all see the Sampson PC … stId=15945

It was Sampson being Sampson. He is that way win or lose. Just ask anyone that was around the Oklahoma program when he was coach.

Bob Holt is great. I love it when the coach is agitated and clearly ready to leave and he asks 3-4 additional questions.

Sampson has had his share of NCAA problems. I bet he loved dealing with them.

My first time seeing a press conference with him, didn’t know he’s just normally like that. I don’t see how a guy with a personality like that gets recruits, just seems like a huge jerk. Wouldn’t let my kids play for someone like that. Then again, Frank Martin gets pretty good players and he cusses his players out in every huddle on national TV.

My brother is inside the program and the time with Sampson was let’s say like the Petrino effect here without the sordid stuff with the female. It was said that Jeff Capel was a breath of fresh air when he replaced Sampson.

As an old coach of many years, I will say that many times after a loss it is tough to be gracious and chatty while shaking hands with the opposing coach. It is really difficult talking to the press after the game, particularly the press that covers the winning team which just beat you.

While that may be true, that’s still no excuse to be a jerk to people. Sampson just came off very “hostile” between the quick handshake and attitude he had at the presser. I don’t think any coach likes losing and then talking about it, but that’s part of their job. We all do things at our jobs we may not necessarily like doing, but that’s life.