Insiders--any idea if Ragnow is

leaning toward going pro? I hadn’t thought much about Jr but CBB’s PC sure made it seem like a distinct possibility.

I would imagine he will get a very solid draft grade. He can play all 3 interior positions very well.

I focused in on him when I watched the Saturday replay and he just destroyed people. CBB didn’t mention it as much as he did Skipper and Wallace and that makes me want to go back and watch them.

I also imagine part of that is that it is almost expected at this point with Frank.

If they all come back it could be a very good OL. Hjalte and Wallace have been up and down but when those 2 (and Frank) know who they’re blocking they maul people.

If we can find a solid LT to replace Skipp…and keep this bunch together, we could have a very very good OL next year.

I hope Frank comes back one more year, and I hope Johnny, BWall, and the DANE hit the off season like they never have before.

I am not so sure that LT is not on campus, but we sure need to add one more stud be it HS or JUCO to the incoming class that will be ready to rumble.

Arkansas needs a very good Oline to do what we need to do (I guess you could say that about anybody), and to be really good, we need Frank back. I took Clays adviced and just followed him on several plays. Wow, and sure enough, there came the ball, and often, there went the ball on down the field.

This is the second straight week Bielema has talked about it. He indicated he thought a fourth year would help Ragnow be more ready to play right away in the NFL; not sure if that was his weekly press conference, SEC call, radio or what. Offensive line is a position where it seems the NFL general managers value four years in college more. I do not think Ragnow is the top center available in the draft and that is not a position on which teams spend a high pick very often, so even a grade as the third or fourth best center may mean third or fourth round, or later. Perhaps some will see him as a guard and that may change things.

Ragnow and Jared Cornelius will both submit paperwork to the NFL in December. I would be surprised if either went pro based on the feedback they will get. Family and financial situations can always play a role, and we know Ragnow’s family situation is different because of the death of his father.