Insiders--any confirmation that Muss on campus?


I’m sure someone on Hogville is busily tracking aircraft tail numbers as we speak. One of their posters claims to be a bored air traffic controller. LOL

Any comment on the supposed press conference (what it’s for)?

What is Nevada’s DPG?

I assume we have a new coach.

He better take his shirt off in the PC, if he wants me to buy in fully, that’s how. I need to see some vintage musselman

Yes, many sources are now confirming Eric is in Fayetteville. I assume he is the new coach.

Since he’s on campus, I really hope it’s not for a “search committee” interview. If this hiring is handled correctly, “publicly on campus” should be for a press release only. Surely, before hiring interviews, would be held by the AD only, at an off campus, or out of state, facility.

They don’t have the stage and chairs set up for no reason. It’s him, my “sources” told me so. (Common sense sources)

Just saw where he would allegedly be bringing an assistant that is linked to some big recruits, who would potentially also come.

Johnny Jones was his assistant at Nevada and is known as a very good recruiter (just not a HC).

Nevermind I see where he is now the coach at Texas Southern. He was an assistant for 1 year at Nevada.

His wife? Seriously, I bet she can get people to visit

Probably out there but I’m told his wife’s father is from Little Rock.

I hope its a done deal with Eric Musselman today, I think he could be a terrific hire and I’m fully onboard if it’s him.

Go Hogs!

That’s the truth.

He uh… out shot his basketball goal…on that one!

Yes, yes he did

Well that doesn’t hurt anything. Charming eye candy is a plus at basketball functions and for recruiting.

Here is an article with photos. She is stunning! <LINK_TEXT text=“ … /98624988/”></LINK_TEXT>

Here is more info from Wikipedia. Sounds good but remember it is Wikipedia.
Personal life
According to Eric Bunch of Bella Vista Arkansas, Musselman and his wife Danyelle Sargent, a former on-air personality and anchor for ESPN, FOX Sports, and the NFL Network, have a daughter together. Musselman has two sons from a previous marriage. Michael attends the University of San Diego. They live in Northern California.[72] Musselman’s sister, Nicole, is a fashion designer in Dallas, Texas





Phil Jackson flew over NWA today.
Low altitude.