Insiders, about this weekend

In your opinion, if we do lose to WKU, do you think Morris will be retained beyond the weekend?

I know no one knows for sure. I’m asking because I don’t know what is realistic anymore.

Sorry if you guys have weighed in on this in other threads.

Good question

Beyond the weekend? I don’t know. But it would be difficult to justify keeping a coach with that kind of loss piled on top of all the other losses.

It seems like it is becoming more common for coaches to get fired in season since the creation of the December signing date.

I think Arkansas will probably win this week. I’ve seen a little of Western Kentucky and I’m not impressed. Of course I said the same thing about San Jose State.

Thanks, Matt.

I think we have a good chance to win also, especially if KJ starts running wild.

But at this point, who can really say.

I would like to see this