Insiders, a question about the Wake Forest situation

It has been reported that Tommy Elrod was given access to the WF game plans as part of his preparation for the radio analyst duties every week, and this is where he got the information he gave to Louisville, VT and other schools. Is that common? Do Chuck and Keith get a look at our game plan, or do they just talk to the coaches about things to expect?

I’ve always been of the impression that the radio announcers have access to practices if they want it.

Not asking about practices, I’m talking about game plan details. You would really have to know the game plan to pick up any minor tweaks put in in practice, and I say that as someone who attended just about every practice for five years.

Does anyone know or read what Elrod’s motive was? I understand he wasn’t only their radio pxp, he played football there. This is a baffling thing.

He had played and coached there before the current staff was hired. He was not retained. As far as his motive, it was said that he was a very loyal Wake alum.

What I’ve heard is that he was POd that he was not retained on their coaching staff (passing game coordinator or something) when Jim Grobe resigned and they hired the current HC, Dave Clawson. So this seems to have been revenge, whether on the school or on Clawson for not keeping him.

Update: Louisville and VTech fined $25,000 by the ACC for accepting info from Elrod, the maximum fine they could impose. They also accepted UL’s suspension of the OC who accepted the info; the VT assistant involved no longer works there. Army has announced a U.S. Army official would investigate allegations that USMA took information from Elrod twice.

Louisville you’d figure would use the info, and Va Tech I guess also, but Army? Say it isn’t so West Point.

I do not think our radio folks get or are given game plans.

So I take it this Elrod guy kept his anger towards the W F football program and/or current coaching regime under his hat and went about his little revenge scheme to undermine the program by utilizing his alum, former player and coach as well as being the W F radio commentator trump card to gain access to game plans and such then offer it to opponents staff.
All because the current HC didn’t retain him when hired. Is he clueless, most HC’s clean house and bring their own staff on board with them when hired. Sometimes 1 or 2 are retained but that is usually negotiated beforehand by the AD and new Coach during the hiring process.

Maybe Elrod was lead to believe by the AD or new HC he would be retained then wasn’t. So he was given the radio gig instead. Either way his actions certainly show his true colors.