Insiders...a couple of


  1. Do you think Ragnow will leave for the NFL after this year?
  2. Looks like McFain has supplanted Hedland as PK…McFain is a Senior so how do you think they will approach next year?

Based on play, I don’t think Ragnow would or should leave after this year. However, family situations can necessitate otherwise, and obviously his is unique given the passing of his father.

I would anticipate there will be a kicker competition next year between Hedlund and Limpert. Kickers, like most players, typically take their biggest jump between the freshman and sophomore seasons because of the leg strength, timing and adaptation to not kicking off a tee.

That’s kind of why I was wondering about Ragnow.

Is Limpert a PK…thought he was mainly kickoff specialist? will they try to get a preferred walk-on kicker from somewhere for next year? Looks like they have lost their patience with Hedlund?

Limpert is a placekicker. He practiced second-team behind Hedlund during the preseason. I seem to remember him looking OK in the little we saw of him.