Insiders: A Coach B Question

I would like to know if you believe there is any validity to the thought that this year Coach B needs a little less “Being” Bret Bielema and more “Coaching” like Bret Bielema.
While I absolutely think promoting the program has long term value, winning will do much of that for you.
Viewing from afar, this past season seemed to include a lot of Being, while even he seems to admit that a lot of things slid. I do not believe he was goofing off, as again there is value in being visible and connected. But based on the way the defense performed and how the team collapsed down the stretch, I believe there to be value in being intensely involved in the every day running of the team.
Again it is very hard to tell from a distance just how time is spent. But it is clear now that the disconnect between CBB and Smith was a significant issue per Smith himself. Perhaps CBB needed to be far more involved with the defense early on to close that gap. Just speculating, but the overall development of the defensive players has been limited and far more have failed than have thrived.
I love the Rhoads promotion and the recruits should be excited. But I would like to see more CBB involvement.
Your thoughts Those In the Know?

Personally I don’t think the Being Brett was the problem, that was just Bo and cameraman following him around during his normal activities.
I will say this, I think there was a disconnect on defense somewhere, either between one or some on the defensive staff & DC & possibly between HC & DC. Something needed fixing when the players are making the same mistakes and getting fooled by basically the same type plays from different teams.
After the aTm game it seems every opponent would mirror what they did with Kenny Hill against us, then that caused breakdowns in the secondary and it just kept spiraling
Maybe CBB was involved and the ultimatum was given to R Smith to either produce a defense or your replacement is already hired in Coach Rhoades.

Being Bret Bielema wrapped up filming in July. It did not distract from week to week preparation at all. All it did was give people who are looking for something to complain about anyway, something else for their list.

Reality shows (only coach in America with one), trips to Paris for celebrity weddings, jaunts to Chicago for back stage/front row seats/partying on the bus could cause one to lose focus and discipline. Did it show in his team?

And there is your evidence from one of the usual suspects…

Yes, the defense was bad most of the year and probably needs the most improvement. However, the offense was equally bad in those last two 2nd half meltdowns. The OL play, offensive penalties, and careless turnovers need shoring up just as badly as the overall defense this coming year.

I don’t know the source of the collapses and poor defensive play, but something in the CBB approach needs to change or he won’t be the long term star of “Hog Dynasty”.

Yeah, it’s surprising what people will do on vacation, during periods when they can’t recruit or have access to their players. I guess he should log on to message boards for advice, you think?

Yeah, I’m one of Bielema’s biggest detractors. Even I won’t go this far. I want him working, focusing and instilling discipline as much as anyone. But he’s got to have breaks here and there. If the TV show helps recruiting and exposure, then I guess it’s fine. I’m neutral on it.

I actually think you are spot on here. Even if these extracurricular activities don’t hamper him a lot it is just a bad perception.

When you are struggling on the field, it is better to be perceived working your butt off to improve the on-field results instead of being on the “Being BB Show,” tweeting constantly, going on national and regional shows, mouthing off at every chance, etc… At some point the promotional aspects of the job need to take a backseat to actually getting stuff done.

Is your reading comprehension that bad? All of that stuff was in June. Vacation time. It was in the rear view mirror long before the team arrived for camp in August. I understand if you don’t like BB, but don’t make up stuff not to like about him.

Please…save your sarcasm for someone else…you’re just wasting oxygen with me. Plus I never said I didn’t like BB…Is YOUR reading comprehension that bad?

I wouldn’t necessarily either but was listening to a call-in show the other day (and I can’t remember which one) and some callers were ripping on him for this…(heard some on DTS as well if I remember correctly…someone may have also linked an article some reporter wrote as well questioning this) so either they coordinated their calls or were thinking the same thing. Plus several weeks Mattingly had some spats on Twitter with several folks were saying the same thing.

Huh…look at my post history and you will see that I am not a BB complainer. I did say at the time and still don’t think the series was good idea but that was just an opinion. Don’t lump with others on here.

no way it distracted him
its easy to target someone when they are losing

he has made himself a target
being brett
and not winning

very easy to laugh at that
easy for critics to point out that maybe
reality coaching would be more beneficial

I don’t think it was a distraction. Some may think it presents a bad perception, and I understand that, but it’s better to have the publicity. Most SEC coaches would invite that kind of publicity. It’d be interesting to hear from recruits if it helped them to get to know him better or not. If it’s not a help in recruiting, then it might be called into question. Otherwise, it’s like the old saying: bad publicity is better than no publicity at all. And he’s certainly getting his share of that.

I was not focusing on the tv show. I was focusing on what may have been focusing on promoting the team here and there and to get this turned around will take 100% focus on even the most minute details. That is what Saban and Belichick are known for.
It is offensive to act like people who want to examine and brainstorm fixing the team are just putting a gripe list together.
I respect your posts and have no problem with you, but you are not open minded here.

I don’t think any of that was being questioned at the time the show was being recorded. A little bit was recorded before the Liberty Bowl and the rest was during the summer. The team had won six of its last seven games at that time.

I don’t think the show had anything to do with this year’s results. Bret said the filming had to be completed before players reported back for practice so as to note create any distractions.

Hard to believe now after a rough finish that after the 3rd game of the season this year we had won 9 out of 10, and most were either SEC games or power 5 conference teams like TCU and Kansas St.

Last season had all the hallmarks of a team that got its hopes up, ran into reality, and sank into infighting that hampered its ability to sustain effort.

It also showed what happens when too many positions lacked depth and starters wore down well before the end of games.