Insider question

Does the D have any adequate way to practice against the spread…I mean is there anyone on the scout team proficient at running it or is their practice merely OJT?

Scout team QB is Ricky Town. I don’t know that he’s a spread guy. One thing to consider after talking to Robb Smith, he called for press coverage about 70 percent of the time. You can be on the nose of the split end. Hard to press the slot guy. Tech had their slot guy well off the line. Nothing you can do about that but step up at the snap. They did.

I would not be surprised to see Duwop split time between the scout team and backups to help simulate a run-pass QB.

That sounds like a very good idea,

The run part of a run-pass QB was not an issue. Smith scored a TD on a 9 yard run but only rushed for 10 yards total, 30 before sacks were taken out. He didn’t run us crazy like a lot of spread QBs have done.