Insider betting tip for Saturday's Aggie game

I have been to 3 Arkansas football games at JerryWorld . . .

2009 Aggie game . . . W
2010 Aggie game . . . W
2012 Cotton Bowl (vs. Kansas State) . . . W

I will be in attendance Saturday night.


I like it! Good enough to bet my buddy in neighborhood (a&m alum) a cold drink right now.

Plz Wiz make it happen

There every year and ready to walk out happy!

Ok, that does it, a lock. Two dimes on the Hogs, :!: Moneyline

Super Dave to the rescue!!! [attachment=0]notworthy.gif[/attachment]

I live in DFW and work with Aggies.
If Hogs win, I decorate their office with Arkansas gear (including my 7 foot blowup Hog)
If Aggies win, my office get’s “Aggied” (oh the horror).

I hope this is a new bet made for this season. Otherwise, it’s been a REALLY bad four years for you.