Inside trap: forgotten play in today's offenses

I simply do not understand why this play is not ran in today’s offenses. Everybody on the d-line in the SEC pretty much plays attacking, penetrating type defences very few play read-and-react.

I love the play because that’s an offensive line coach it allows you not to block a certain player and allows you to get angles on the linebackers and makes the penetrating defensive tackle have to think before he charges into the backfield.

I just had the privilege for blocking for a running back who committed Ole Miss and is now Mississippi’s all-time leading rusher with over 8,500 rushing yards and every single game that we played he broke a long inside trap for at least 40 or 50 yards.

I see a lot of teams running the counter tray which is a very good play but the inside trap is devastating to a defensive line and we’ll do a tremendous job and slowing them down which will allow you to do a lot of your offense.

Maybe we will see coach CCM use it but for the life of me I do not understand why people don’t use it more especially with the attacking style of defenses teams play today

a bunch of teams still run the trap.

If you want to see the future of football, watch the flag games.

I see teams running the counter trey but what I’m speaking of is the inside trap which shrinks your defense and allows you to go around the corner and do other things that are successful in your offense you have to make them stop from inside out.

I know we haven’t done it hardly ever here,we did with the Wham trap a few years ago where we trapped with our HB and we opened up some tremendous holes but that is too easy to see coming by the defense its much more effective with the OG doing the trapping because they can’t see it coming and there are 2-3 ways you can do it to where the defense can’t be right.

I think If you want to develop a running game have to find ways to run the ball you can’t just line up and try to play bullyball in the SEC unless you have unbelievable offensive lineman and even then it’s tough.

Back in the 60’s our coaches called it the Mousetrap play. It worked well then too.
I think it was widely known as the Mousetrap. I suppose it has been shortened to trap play over the years.

Yes I am old.

A great play, especially against an over aggressive defense. It can do a lot for your offense even if youst show it a few times a game to keep that defense looking for it.

yes it is Colorado and blows my mind how little we see it…same thing with these wide 9 technique pass rush DE’s never have understood why we don’t just kick them out and run underneath them.don’t get it!!