Inside look at the Fred Smith Center

Pretty interesting. I didn’t know all this stuff was in there.

Yup, and it’s even more impressive in person.

Thanks Jeff for posting this link. That is very impressive.


Nice video. They showed the indoor workout area and the locker/training rooms, I wonder why they did not show the hundred yard long weight room? I guess they can’t show everything but you hear a lot of recruits rave about the weight room. They also barely mentioned the Jones Success Center (Nutrition and Tutoring). I guess they focused more on unlimited smoothies and hair cut/braids instead. That probably does resonate more with high school athletes. With the attention span of young people continuing to shorten more and more, they have to limit this to no longer than a music video or they lose their audience.

One question the video doesn’t address: What is now in the room that was intended to be Jessica Dorrell’s office/lovenest? :stuck_out_tongue:

As for failure to address the Jones Success Center, that’s a separate building. Walker Pavilion is at least attached. I’m kinda guessing as well that this video was intended for people who already know what the inside of a weight room looks like (i.e., recruits).