Inside Game, ACU

I trust the coach, but I don’t get why Henderson doesn’t get a few more minutes. Seems like he is constantly cheerleading and encouraging from the bench, and when he does get it in, he brings a good energy. Don’t know what the +/- is for his play? He seems to play hard and gets some rebounds even if he doesn’t score.

Thought the same from Hendersons play at the end of last year and yes he was part of the AR group of recruits which is only him and Sills still here. But for whatever reason(s) Chaney got most of the minutes then and is much bigger and stronger.
Smith was a great pick up but may wear down during conference play. I mean Aub has bigger stronger men inside as does some other teams.
Conner is tall and hopefully can bang it some inside, but just see him as a decoy to help us mostly on offense.
Just thinking about help on the inside game defensively, I’m sure Muss will figure it out and somebody will step up.

Got to be better than last year at this, and they managed to win at a good clip except when injuries hit.

Always have to think about Injuries. Now we have COVID to think about, but somebody said most or all of the basketball team already had it in summer.

Players generally get the minutes they earn in practice. Evidently Ethan isn’t doing enough in practice to take minutes away from Jackson or Smith or Vanover or even Jaylin. And if Kamani Johnson gets his waiver it could push him farther down the pecking order.

Yes, we do not have a physical presence inside to bang like Reggie. Reggie was a huge disappointment the last two years, no question, but bigs usually take longer to get comfortable on the court. This could have been that year for him. Everyone knows he had his good moments last two years. I bet there would have been more good moments than bad moments this year.

I do want to see what Smith can do in SEC before saying we will miss Reggie, Playing against better competition was his issue at Indiana. When lights were turned on, he used to disappear. And I don’t think Jackson is the answer either,

PJ, you’ve mentioned this before. I don’t know where you are getting your info, unless it’s from disgruntled IN fans because he left. But it’s just not true. Total vs conference major stats in 2019/20:

    Total  Conf

Points 10.4 9.5 - 3rd on team for both
boards 5.2 5.0 - 2nd on team for both
2 pt % .532 .523 1st on team for both
FT % .673 .672 (neither good)
minute 30.4 31.0 1st on team for both

Certainly only normal drop (or increase in minutes) for all players when comparing total to just conference stats. Virtually every team scores less in conference games due to defenses, so naturally players’ scoring averages will be down. Also keep in mind that he played in a considerably better conference top to bottom than the SEC.

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Yes, my comments were based off comments from Indiana fans on their chat boards. Their issue was performing in big games, not all conference games.

Again, we will find out soon. I am feeling good about him from what I have seen so far.

Remember, last year there were 11 Big ten teams in line for the NCAA tourney. That only leaves 3 teams that might not be considered big games. Anyhow, no biggie.

I’m hoping for more than he did last year in the B1G, but with our really weak OOC, it is pretty hard to see what any of our guys may do in SEC play.

I’ll be really satisfied if Smith can be an 11-12 point, 6-7 board guy for us. Throw in a half dozen double doubles for him and we’ll be a tough team to deal with.

I am coming around on Smith. Like what I see. Wish we could team him up with another big who can play inside.

Agree. I was hoping Williams with his size, might be rounding into that about this time in the season.

Typically the Big 10 is huge at the 4 and 5 spots. SEC can be, too. But not like Big 10. Might serve Smith well.

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