Insane golf shot... something you'd see from Tin Cup

I am not a golf fan… can’t stand to watch it at all. Just not my thing, but this was too amazing to not spread around.

This guy hit the ball and skips it 3 times on the water then up the bank and a long long winding roll into the hole. Never saw anything like that. AMAZING!!

Here is a link to an article about it with a vid about half-way down the page.



I forget who did that a few years ago in the Par 3 Contest. But it was the same exact shot.

Arnie did it in his eighties…


I can’t even imagine the skill to make such a shot. Just totally amazing.


Vijay Singh…there’s no really good video of it…but here is one…

They call it golf–what those pros do, I mean. However, it is not even close to the same game I see played at country clubs. It just amazes me what they can do.

Just a FYI, the par 3 contest is held on different course at Augusta on Wednesday before the tournament starts.

During the practice round, every golfer coming through 16 tries to skip the ball onto the green. Part of the tradition and usually 16th hole has some of the largest crowds during the practice rounds.

“Most” every golfer tries to skip it. The ones that don’t even attempt get booed much, much louder than those that try and can’t make it.

It is one of the most exciting venues in all of sport.

I grew up trying to skip the ball across a pond at No. 6 at old Riverdale Golf Course. It wasn’t part of the round. You’d hit one on the green (and it was an easy third shot on a par five), then we’d drop a ball and see if we could skip it onto the green. We could. But we never thought about making it. The trick is just to hit a low fade and it is going to skip four or five times and eventually be on the green. Rahm’s shot is a one in 10 million shot to make it.

I’ve played the game for well over 55 years worked hard on skipping the ball across the water. Alas not on purpose. I’ll skip it once and watch it drown…

I don’t think there is a body of water in or around any golf course I’ve ever played that I haven’t drowned at least one golf ball in. In fact, if I’d hit as many fairways as I had water hazards, I’d have been one hell of a golfer.

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