Insane 3pt shooting

Its almost as if they were playing a game of “What ever you do, I can do better” seems all other aspects of the game were kicked aside. It was all about who can shoot the best from the farthest away!!


That was fun. Thanks.

That was nuts

Was this a real game and at what level? There is no doubt that the game belongs to the shootahs these days. The H.S. team I follow was knocked out of sectionals Wednesday night after their smaller opponent hit six 3’s in the 4th Qtr.


Chicks dig the long ball.


Are kids today in Jr High shooting like this?

They will only get better. Somebody better be recruiting those 2 kids to put in the same team at the next level. I don’t care if they can’t do anything else with the ball. But I’m sure they can.

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