Inquiring Minds Want to Know

If OM paid a kid $13,000-$15,000 (through an assistant coach) and the player didn’t even sign with OM…

Who is it? Where did he go? and…why?

Obvious, he went to the highest bidder. The NCAA offered immunity to Auburn and Mississippi St players, there may have been others. I’d say one of those if I was inclined to know whom it was.

An Ole Miss supporter I work with said it’s a player named Lewis at Miss. St. Apparently there is a taped interview with his mother divulging the offer, with details…

One thing I learned is that you will see a bunch of things regarding players going to another school. That is because they are the one’s doing the talking… The players Ole Miss got, they got money also, but they are not going to talk… They all want to stay eligible !

Not necessarily. If existing players rat out Bucky, they’ll be allowed to transfer.

Makes you wonder just what MS State had to pay to get him. That’s the SEC for you, Albarn outbids MS State to get a quarterback a few years ago and now they outbid their neighbor Ole Miss. You have to be part bank and part CPA to coach in this league.

The NCAA has provided immunity and allowed a player to stay eligible at the current school. I saw that happen with Hart Lee Dykes at Oklahoma State. He gave the information that put Oklahoma State, Illinois and Texas A&M and Oklahoma State was made to play him. That was a weird scenario. He played his senior year and went to the NFL. As far as I know he never returned to Stillwater again.