Inquiring minds have to know / Monumental Questions in life and Football

Watching ESPNU

Does Coach Les Miles smoke weed?

Does The SEC give a !#%+^~>€ about Arkansas ?

Does Sustin Allen survive this season behind this line?

I mean - people need to know these earth changing questions?

Well, he does eat grass.

Marty, does Ciach Miles smell of hemp and brownies?

Not only that - his hair color job looks - well
Like he did it while smoking - or eating brownies

Gee Bluegrass, I’ve never been that close to him. :o

I hope Les Miles gets another job coaching.
The Sec could care less about our hogs.
Ausint Allen will survive behind the O line.
We will learn a lot next week. I’m not one to ever throw in the towel you only get better by constantly looking at tape and having your players look and learn. They will be better aginst TCU. It’s not the end of the world!

He reminds me of a College Frat Bro who never grew up

Successful but geeze still living in 1975

Gee Army - how did you get all that on a Satire comment about Coach Miles?

But yes - as for Arkansas - let’s see what happens next week

Since you mentioned it

I’m very concerned about Left o tackle

And Austins holding the ball too long

Yes Inquiring minds want to know

Let’s see

I am concearned about Left Tackle and AA holding the ball too long

Recivers need to keep coming

RB’s are solid

Defense is greatly improved

Yes - TCU will shine the light

I have not thought much about trying to figure out Les Miles for a long time. I think he just talks.

Don’t know about Miles and weed. The SEC will take Arkansas money, but that’s about it. Austin will not survive behind this line. He got hit so hard by the Rattlers that his name got scrambled. Even an Army medic was unable to put it back correctly.

HAHAHA to clay

yes i agree.
les miles “just talks”

Yes - Clay is right - les just talks

Just think had he gone home “as a Michigan man” instead of staying at LSU ?

One think I’m happy about Ole Les Miles
He learned the consequences of mis pernouncing the proud name of Arkansas

I. Don’t think he made that mistake after the corrective therapy his team recived