Inning-long interviews are annoying

They interviewed Casey Mize throughout our entire at-bat in B6. This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed this. What’s the deal? Don’t they know there’s a baseball game going on & that fans who are tuned in actually want to see the game? Looks like they could cut the time of those interviews down quite a bit or they could do them between innings or after the game.


yeah you would think they would have split screen capability!!

It’s not just that the interview takes the whole screen, I just can’t stand the talking while the game is going on. I suppose I could mute it, but I’d rather hear talk about what’s happening on the field—or at least things related to it, not a drawn out interview. I wouldn’t mind a couple of minute interview, but for the whole inning? Sheesh.

It’s sponsored and allows the game to be televised.

Why do sponsors want a long interview? Looks to me like they’d rather sponsor an inning or something like that. It’s not like the sponsor gets more airtime because an interview is shown. I understand long-running commercials. Those are annoying, but I understand why they exist. Parts of a program that annoy are another matter.