Injury updates

Tavian Josenberger will not travel for tonight’s game at Missouri State. I’m hopeful to get an update on his status afterward from Dave Van Horn. I’m told that tests showed no tear in his injured hamstring.

Parker Rowland’s back is feeling better and he has practiced since coming back from Georgia. He is on the travel roster for tonight’s game. He has not been playing in a lot of mid-week games lately, so we’ll see if he gets in the lineup tonight.


Sounds like Josie’s maybe a little bit like Max Freid from the Braves. He just had a strain in his and missed two and a half weeks… has come back extremely well in his two starts since then.

We can’t afford to lose Josie very long .he’s too valuable

It would be nice to see Josey back when the hogs travel to Starkville.

I will be shocked if he’s back that soon but hopefully willbe back ASAP

Maybe it’s wishful thinking.
I sure hope Tygart is able to pitch this weekend.

I heard some talk about Tygart getting a couple of innings tonight.

Here is the latest on injuries:

Tygart will not pitch tonight.

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No pitch count tonight…nice hit Ben.

Nice job infield.

Phil says Adcock only planned to pitch 2. Morris warming up apparently.

I just hope we’re healthy my lane May.

Sounds like there’s some internal issues if some of the starters aren’t playing this weekend… It could be about to get ugly… I was afraid the series in Georgia would linger into tonight that’s why I didn’t watch one second of this game… I’m not so sure it will get a whole lot better this weekend… but I sure hope so.

Team is mentally and physically a wreck right now. Just have to hope they can get through it.

Where are you getting that there are internal issues?

Well Dave said when there’s somebody not in the lineup and they’re not being held out for rest just know that there’s something going on?? There could very well be nothing going on but the comment sounded like something’s not fresh in the gumbo.

This was Dave’s quote:

“If you see starters who aren’t in the lineup, it’s not because I’m resting them, it’s because there’s something going on and they need a day or two to get ready hopefully for the weekend, and there are obviously some of our starters that won’t be playing this weekend.”

He was not talking about clubhouse issues. I think it was a reference to Peyton Stovall and Parker Rowland needing to heal up.


That’s a good but was confused when he he said some of them would not be playing on the weekend??

He is talking about Wegner and Josenberger not playing this weekend.

Oh okay I thought he was talking about people we didn’t already know about.

Any new updates on Wegner and Josenberger?