Injury updates?

i know he was dressed in pads on sidelines, but how serious is the knox injury? is this a lingering injury that will hamper him the entire season? He can still redshirt.

Jordan Jones, no sign of him through game 4. When is he expected to return or is he another redshirt candidate?

Starkel’s injury, a left arm contusion. Saw him throwing on sidelines in second half with a wrap on his left arm. Not his throwing arm. How does a contusion hamper him i wonder? Will he practice this week? Would a contusion keep him out of games possibly. How will it affect his play?

kids out before season started, Gatlin, Stewart, and the defensive end, Gerald i think, how is rehab going after surgeries? can the defensive end recover from this injury or is it a career ender? Could use all three guys next year.

Knox and Starkel will be back against Kentucky. Starkel’s injury was problematic in taking the snap, gripping the ball. He had no feeling in his left hand because of the bruise in the forearm. He could throw, but he could not hold the ball right in taking the snap. Can’t just play with one hand at quarterback.

Knox was a game time decision. His hip was just not able to loosen up. It’s a deep bruise. He’ll be fine for Kentucky.

Gerald is fine, but because he’s on blood thinner, he won’t be able to play this season.

Gatlin and Stewart both doing well.

I think you will see Jordan Jones against Kentucky. He had the same type surgery that Frank Ragnow had. It takes four to eight weeks to heal. Jones is about in that neighborhood now.


ICYMI, Jordan Jones was present at last Wednesday’s practice in a green jersey, so he is working to get back in the mix. Being a veteran, his return would be beneficial from a leadership standpoint, and he is obviously a threat in the passing game. I agree with Clay, I think he will be involved in the Kentucky plan.

We seem to have a lot of confidence that Gerald will be back, and certainly hope so.

Has he already had surgery or was blood thinners the only treatment?

Just wondering when he would have green light to return for next season.

I do not expect to know on Gerald any time soon. I do not know if surgery did take place or not, or if he will need it. Strained artery with blood thinner as treatment is only comment so far.

Being on a blood thinner usually indicates something more than the unofficial report from Morris.

I figured as much. They are not going to tell us anyway.

I’m impressed with Dorian as a really likable guy. Visited with him & Boyd last May at CJ’s Burgers. Both were more than happy to visit with a couple of old Hog fans for a good while.

Both represent our state with Class.