Injury updates

Chad Morris addressed a number of injuries today, including for Dylan Hays, who is going on medical hardship because of the recurring back problems. … azorbacks/

We’ve officially lost an entire an OL unit this season, most of which would have at least been in the two-deep. Hays, Merrick, Rogers, Malone and Heinrich.

Unbelievable. Wow, one tough break after another.


There’s not a coach in America who could see all of these injuries/retirements coming in a season, especially on the offensive line. Our OL would not have been great even with these players, but it would have been better. We should remember that when we criticize the ones giving their best.

Unbelievable. Will take a few years to recruit decent Oline depth & wont leave much room for redshirts during that time.
That’s counting on solid recruits who are able to stick around.

Biggest concern right now is the OL…unless we get some studs up front we will always be 2nd tier program…you have to be able to run/protect or it won’t matter who the QB is or how many great WR’s we have…needs to be our biggest priority from here on out. LB too.