Ole Miss is down a few players. It appears the Hogs are at full strength.

As noted before Jonathan Mingo is out for the second straight week with a broken foot. Running back Jerrion Ealy is out because of concussion protocol. Left guard Caleb Warren is also out.


So, ola ms is down three key players on offense and yet they seem to move the ball for scores easy enough. They got away with a jersey grab and hold as we were putting pressure(attempting)on the QB. It looked they had a WR go out of bounds and come back in on a play. It looked like we were in a position to stop their QB short on the 2pt play but our guy jumped up in the air instead of going straight for the QB.

My concern is that if they can go up 14 as the third quarter
begins, we will be in a world of hurt.

Well… we’re tied, so we’ve got that going for us.

They do not seem to have missed those guys.

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